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Jack Doyle

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Jack Doyle announcing his retirement is a big loss for the Indianapolis Colts. The tight end position was already a position they needed to work on this off-season, and with him retiring, it only becomes a bigger need. Doyle gave the Colts 9 great seasons and became a reliable target for any quarterback they had behind center. Many teammates, past and present, commented about how great of a teammate he was and how he was a lot of their favorite teammates. He will truly be missed, and hopefully, he enjoys his retirement. I’m sure he will succeed at whatever he has in store next!

Our next TE

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The Colts have two TE’s on the roster, Mo Ali Cox and Kyle Granson, who need to step up even more now. At the beginning of the 2021 season, Cox played like TE1 and then fell off a little. Granson showed glimpses of what he could do towards the end of the year. The Colts drafted Granson in the 4th round in what seems like in hopes he could fill Doyle’s role in the future. Granson will most likely have a bigger role next year, but he is still young, and we haven’t seen what Cox can do for a full season as the number one option at tight end. So that leaves them with some questions going into the off-season.

The Solution

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As we get closer to the off-season officially starting, it’s looking likely that Carson Wentz will be back as their QB1. So what more can they do but kill two birds with one stone and sign Zach Ertz? Wentz and Reich are both familiar with Ertz, and at 31, he might be the veteran TE they need to bring into this offense. He has been a reliable target, like Doyle, and everyone who plays with him seems to like him as a teammate, also like Doyle. So yes, the Colts have two capable tight ends in Cox and Granson, but I think they should go out and bring a familiar face in for Wentz to replace Doyle.


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