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It seems as if Carson Wentz‘s days in Indianapolis are dwindling after many reports being released in the past couple of weeks stating his future in Indy is uncertain. So does Carson Wentz deserve another shot with the Colts next season? That is a question that every Colts will have a different answer to, but let’s pretend he is on his way out, and it will be done via trade. In that case, what should Colts fans be expecting in return for our former Quarterback? 


Who is Available?


The NFL’s QB carousel has already started turning around, but it has all been hypotheticals and rumors circulating. It is no secret that the most prominent quarterbacks who are somewhat available this offseason are Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson. I used the word somewhat because these quarterbacks are under contract for at least one more season. Rodgers and Wilson, in my opinion, are staying put as reports over the weekend from both the Packers and Seahawks came out saying the plan was not to trade either player, respectively. 


Assuming both of those players stay with their teams, who else is available. This leaves players such as free agent Jameis Winston and Jimmy Garoppolo, who are under contract for another season, but the future with San Fran seems slim with them drafting Trey Lance last year. Then there is Carson Wentz. To be short, the 2022 free-agent class is not very strong. The rest of the field can be rounded out with Teddy Bridgewater, Marcus Mariota, Andy Dalton, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Mitchell Trubisky


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So, Where do the Colts Come into play?


There are five teams in the NFL that are in dire need of a quarterback next season, excluding the Colts. These teams include the Commanders, Broncos, Lions, Steelers, and Panthers. All these teams have viable options but let’s be real here, Darnold, Lock, Rudolph, Kyle Allen, and Goff are not cutting it. With many teams looking for a new sheriff under center,  the options are slimmer than expected. 


To make this article more exciting, we will assume Rodgers and Wilson stay off the trading block (unless they come to the lovely city of Indianapolis). So, who’s next? If you were to call a team today and ask them, who would you rather have Wentz or Jimmy G, who are they picking? Of course, Wentz is Wentz and has his problems, but he still put together a 27-7 touchdown to interception ratio last season and led the Colts to nine wins. He may never return to his 2017 self, but after some throws this season, such as the late touchdown throw to Dezmon Patmon against the Cardinals in Week 16, there is still potential for him to be great.

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Ok, great, Wentz may be better than Jimmy G and Jameis Winston, but where is the answer to the article’s headline?


Teams Will Start Calling


There are not a lot of guys on the market who are 6’5, mobile, and had a 95-passer rating this past season, which was better than five playoff quarterbacks. As stated, many teams need quarterbacks, and the supply is short. If the Colts intend to trade Wentz, I believe they will be able to get a better return than most think. If it is 100 percent that Rodgers and Wilson are staying put and no other big-name quarterback is traded, Wentz is the next man up. The Colts could hear from teams such as the Commanders, Broncos, and Steelers about their current QB with serious interest as the offseason continues. Do not be surprised if teams start offering up early day two draft picks and depth starters to get a guy like Wentz on their team. 


Keep up to date with which Quarterbacks are staying put, as although Carson Wentz may not be the jackpot teams are expecting this offseason; He may be a pleasant surprise for a new fanbase. 

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