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Carson Wentz’s time has come to an end in Indianapolis


The Indianapolis Colts are trading Carson Wentz to The Washington Commanders which will have Wentz on his 3rd team in 3 years.

Destin Adams & Rashaad McGinnis of The Blue Stable reported earlier this week Washington was 1 of 3 teams to call Indy and had the most interest

The Colts are Sending their 2022 2nd round pick (No.47 overall) to Washington.

Washington is sending a 2022 2nd round pick (No.42 overall) 2022 3rd round pick, and a 2023 3rd round pick that can turn into a 2nd round pick if Carson Wentz plays over %70 of snaps. Along with the picks, Washington will be paying the full $28 Million roster Bonus Wentz is due before the new League year.

Carson Wentz was brought to Indianapolis in hopes of taking the Colts to the next level by pairing him back up with Colts HC Frank Reich. It did not go the way the Colts had planned as Indy finished 9-8 and missed the playoffs.

The Colts were in a “Win and get in” scenario the last 2 leeks of the season against The Raiders and Jaguars but lossed both games while Carson Wentz turned in a bad QBR in both games at 26.4 and 4.4 in both outings. It simply wasn’t what Ballard paid for.

Now where do The Colts turn to next? Sources tell The Blue Stable The Colts could look to go after a vet quarterback and pair him with a rookie quarterback in 2022.

The Colts now have an NFL best $71 Million in Cap Space to address needs at QB, LT, WR, Pass rush, and cornerback depth. The Colts are once again in the market for a Quarterback ladies and gentlemen.

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