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In light of all the questions surrounding the Colts, I wanted to write a different type of article instead… one we could all get behind as football fans: The best names in the draft. So I will be ranking the five best names in the NFL Draft and then profiling them as prospects! Coming in at first on the best names list is…


1. DB Smoke Monday, Auburn

I mean, come on… there is limitless potential with this name. Who doesn’t want a guy that brings the Smoke on Monday? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Ok, I’ll stop but seriously, what a fun name this guy has! As a player, he was a 2-year starter at Auburn and contributed all four years of his career. He is known for his ability in the run game, and as a tackler, very few missed tackles in his time at Auburn. He does need some work in coverage, but he is an excellent developmental prospect who can contribute right away on Special Teams. In addition, he is a pretty solid athlete scoring a 9.19 on the RAS metric.


He is a walking highlight reel, and I have no doubt he would be a fan favorite wherever he lands. (via Prospects on YouTube)




2. DB Sauce Gardner, Cincinnati

Not only is he likely to be a top 10 pick, but he has a top 5 name as well. Every great defensive back has something special about them, and Sauce Gardner just plays with a different swagger, some sauce, if you will. A guy with all the necessary traits to develop into an above-average defender in the NFL, he’s aggressive in coverage, has great athletic traits, good in zone coverage, and is a fiery competitor. He has some consistency issues with his tackling and man coverage, but Sauce Gardner can play. Below are some highlights!

3. WR Slade Bolden, Alabama

A guy who compares himself to Julian Edelman seems destined to be a New England Patriot, especially since he was a college roommate of Mac Jones. One of my favorite names in the NFL Draft, just seems like one of those guys the announcers will constantly throw the Blue Collar label on and talk about how gritty he is. I don’t know how much upside he has, but he certainly will be a fun player in the NFL to keep an eye on.

4. EDGE Boye Mafe, Minnesota

A fun name to say after a 3rd down sack, Boye Mafe not only has a great name but has great potential to be an above-average starting pass rusher in the NFL. An athlete with a lot of natural burst and an explosive first step and always gives great effort. When you combine great athleticism and great effort, the potential is limitless for Boye Mafe.

5. K Cameron Dicker, Texas

How could I not include Dicker, the kicker, on the best names list? He is a four-year first-string kicker with a lot of value at both the kicker and punter positions, although he needs to be more accurate on his kicks. I hope he sticks around in the NFL for a long time because he could be a generational icon for kickers.


Zach Schankerman

Hey Colts Nation! I am so excited to be writing for The Blue Stable Team, looking forward to creating dialogue around a team I've been a fan of my whole life!

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