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Writer: Lucas Robins (@RobinsLucas)

Selection: Rd2 Pick 54 – Dayo Odeyingbo, DL, Vanderbilt

Grade: B-


Sadly the Colts just missed out on an opportunity to get an LT Dillon Radunz, who would have been a decent value pick at 54, but Odeyingbo is an interesting pick to be sure. Ballard has had a bit of a history of going for players recovering from injury in Rounds 1-3 (Malik Hooker, Julian Blackmon, Kemoko Turay), with mixed results. Dayo sadly tore his Achilles in January while training, but on tape is a fun prospect to watch. Nicknamed the “Human Hurricane” by the Colt’s scouting department, he flies around the field with tremendous athleticism and strength at the point of attack plus phenomenal length. Dayo is the epitome of modern positionless players, as he can play anywhere along the line from 0 techs to 9 techs and everything in between. Similar to earlier pick Kwity Paye, he can use some more polish with his pass-rushing repertoire.


Pre-injury was a potential Rd1 target, according to the Colts (I saw him as an early Round 2 guy pre-injury but afterwards dropped him to be a Round 3-4 projected player). If healthy, he is a value and luxury pick, but his recovery will be essential for his projection for year 1. The timetable for his return is unknown at this point but is speculated to be ready in September at best. In at worst case, Odeyingbo misses the beginning of the season on the PUP list and could return in the middle of the season at some point.


Dayo isn’t the pick I would have made (would have been either TE Pat Freiermuth or WR Terrace Marshall Jr.), but I can see what Ballard finds appealing in him. Ballard has certainly earned my trust over the years during drafts. While not my top player on the board or the highest priority needs, he adds key depth for the entire line and perfectly fits the Colts. I love his tape and think he would have tested very well if healthy. The Achilles injury looms large, though, and his comeback will be key. Patience will be important for Colts fans with this pick, but knowing Ballard, the Colts might have gotten a real gem. LT is still the biggest need remaining, along with WR, move TE, LB depth, and Safety depth. So far, I’m surprised the Colts have yet to trade back to get more picks, but the board seems to have fallen in a way Ballard wanted to take the guys at his spot.


Writer: Jayson Snyder (@Spydes78)

Selection: Rd2 Pick 54 – Dayo Odeyingbo, DL, Vanderbilt

Grade: C-


Colts fans were filled with dread as the offensive line prospects continued to tick off the board in advance of the team’s 54th overall selection.  What was once considered a position of depth that could be addressed on Day 2 seemed to be quickly drying up?


In light of the NFL spending spree in the protective trenches, perhaps the Colts would instead opt to trade down, given their gaps in later draft capital?  Or maybe they would invest in a perceived need by selecting tight end Pat Freiermuth, a young man widely regarded as the second-best positional prospect heading into the draft?


Then came the announcement.  Dayo Odeyingbo.


A general-purpose defensive lineman, who excels with contributions from the interior, Odeynigbo was certainly not the conventional choice.  At 6’5” and 276lb, Odeyingbo is a big-bodied defender who uses his power and tremendous reach to his distinct advantage as a pass rusher.  


Sounds great!  So why all the consternation?


What’s left out of that evaluation is that Odeyingbo is coming off a significant achilles tear injury suffered only a couple of months ago during preparations for January’s Senior Bowl.  Estimates on his timeline to full recovery have him missing anywhere from a few weeks to the entire 2021 season.  Not ideal for a 2nd round pick joining a contending team with immediate needs.


Considering all of the factors, I am not willing to outright condemn this selection because Odeyingbo does indeed possess the talent to potentially be a big-time contributor to the organization in the long term.  However, I would have personally preferred a more immediate impact given the limitations in draft capital and the options on the board at the time of Odeyingbo’s selection.


Writer: Jack Guiley (@guiley_jack)

Selection: Rd2 Pick 54 – Dayo Odeyingbo, DL, Vanderbilt 

Grade: B-


I, like many Colts fans, was originally perplexed by this pick. After Sam Cosmi went off the board to the Redskins at pick 51, I was clamoring for a trade back again, as I didn’t see a ton of value left for the Colts. Instead, Ballard decided to go with Odeyingbo, who I thought they could have moved down for and still gotten. For much of the hour after the pick, I was upset and wondering why Ballard never listens to Colts Twitter’s plans for our roster (lol).


But here’s the thing, this pick has really grown on me overnight. Odeyingbo was considered by many to be a round 1 talent if not for his injury. This injury is no joke, though. An achilles injury takes almost a year to recover from fully, and even then, there is a question on whether or not Dayo will still have the same level of explosion he possessed at Vanderbilt. My bet is on Odeyingbo to fully recover as he is only 22 years old and a freak athlete, but this pick is definitely not the safest one Chris Ballard has ever made. 


Back to why I think I ended up being a little higher on this pick than some other people, though. Dayo adds another high upside body to the Colts defensive line room, which is very unproven at the moment. Odeyingbo serves as a possible replacement for Tyquan Lewis if he decides to leave in free agency next year. He can fill the versatile role that Denico Autry has played over the last three years. Between Tyquan Lewis and the Colt’s newest second-round defensive lineman, I believe Ballard has adequately found the long-term solutions to the Denico Autry dilemma. If Odeyingbo and Lewis can grow together and reach their full potentials, then at least one of them, maybe two, can make this Colts defensive line terrifying for years to come.


Blue Stable Staff Consensus

Rd 2 Pick 54 – Dayo Odeyingbo, DL, Vanderbilt 

Grade: C+

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