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Last month, we took a look at a few different trade packages that could result in obtaining former Falcons’ wide receiver, Julio Jones.  A week after that article was published, he was traded to a division rival in the Tennessee Titans. Although he didn’t end up in Indy, the trade made for him was in the same ballpark of the packages I had put together in that article. Today we take a look at another disgruntled superstar player that has a high chance of being traded to the Colts, Zach Ertz.

Over the last few months, it has been public news that Eagles’ star tight end, Zach Ertz wants out of Philadelphia. And as rumors started to die down, it was looking like maybe there was a chance he won’t be traded. But a couple of days ago, it was reported that Ertz “badly” wants out and that fired everything back up again. This trade is a much more likely trade than the Julio Jones trade for a number of reasons. The Colts have Frank Reich (his offensive coordinator in Philadelphia during their Super Bowl run), Carson Wentz (his QB that he spent the last five years building chemistry with), and to top it all off, former Colts offensive coordinator, Nick Sirianni, is now the head coach of the Eagles. All of that combined with the need for a top tier tight end make for a very likely scenario that Ertz could actually end up in Indianapolis.

With all of that being said, we now take a look of a few different trade packages that could send the 30-year old tight end, with a lot left in the tank, to the Colts.


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Picks for Ertz

To PHI: 2022 4th round pick, 2023 6th round pick

To IND: TE Zach Ertz, 2023 5th round pick

In this scenario, we see Ballard and co. sending a couple Day 3 picks (one this year, one in 2023) and getting back Ertz and another Day 3 pick in 2023. This is the more likely scenario if Ertz were to be traded. You don’t see a whole lot of player for player trades in the NFL, and while they do happen, it’s normally just to get a contract off of the books or to make room for the player being obtained. The Eagles aren’t going to get a whole lot back for a 30-year old tight end coming off of a down year, so a couple late round picks is a low-risk, high-reward trade off for the Colts who are already going to be likely missing a first round pick.

Players for Ertz

To PHI: CB Rock Ya-Sin, LB Skai Moore

To IND: TE Zach Ertz

Here we have the rare player-for-player trade scenario. It’s going to have to be enough to get a player who can still be a top ten tight end, and the Eagles are in desperate need of a corner and a linebacker. Rock Ya-Sin has shown flashes of his potential but after starting 21 games in the last 2 seasons, he hasn’t quite found his footing. Maybe a change of scenery and a change of scheme are what he needs. His trade value can be decent depending on what a team sees in him and the last couple of years, Nick Sirianni has had a good look at Ya-Sin going up against his offense in practice. As for the linebacker, the Colts don’t exactly have the most depth at the position, but Skai Moore is more of a throw-in and at least a solid backup for the Eagles.

Pick and Player for Ertz

To PHI: LB Matthew Adams, 2022 4th round pick

To IND: TE Zach Ertz

The last trade package we’ll take a look at is Matthew Adams and a pick for Ertz. Adams has been a solid player and pretty reliable (played all but five games in his 3 years in the NFL) and he has the potential to be a decent starter (and if isn’t traded could even start for the Colts this season). Obviously the Eagles would be taking a risk here, but they’re going to want to get Ertz out and this may be a good way to do it. And the Colts would still have 2020 team captain, Zaire Franklin and special teams stud, EJ Speed to compete for the other linebacker spot. Pair that with a late round pick in this upcoming draft, and that should be enough to have the Eagles send Ertz over.

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