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This coaching staff could look a lot different than what we see this year. I don’t particularly appreciate predicting who’s getting fired and who’s not, but judging by how this season has gone, I feel there will be many job openings coming real soon. Here are some of the top candidates, in my opinion, to be leaving the Colts for a promotion next season with a different team.

Bubba Ventrone, Special Teams Coordinator

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Ventrone has made a massive impact this year with Colt’s special teams unit. Many GMs and Owners are getting behind the door to look into Ventrone with Hard Knocks. It won’t be long before we see Ventrone move on and become a head coach. We’ve seen in recent years teams are targeting younger coaches to coach their team. Ventrone is highly respected around the league, not just in Indianapolis. Again Hard Knocks has shown how smart Ventrone is and how unique his style is. Earlier in the year, NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero came out with a list of names to watch who could be next in line for a head coaching opportunity, and Bubba Ventrone was on the list. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if he does leave the Colts for a promotion elsewhere this coming offseason.

Matt Eberflus, Defensive Coordinator

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Matt Eberflus seems to find his name here every year. It just clicks for the Colts’ defense as we close out the year. Flus, I give so much credit to him. We were calling for his firing in the first half of the season. He’s turned this defense around completely. The Colts are hot right now, and it all starts the defense’s play. In 2020 Eberflus had interviews with a few teams; obviously, none pulled the trigger. Jets, Houston, and the Chargers looking at their defenses, they could have all used a guy like Eberflus. I’m not saying they made the wrong choice; I mean, Brandon Stayley looks like a solid head coach. Culley in Houston? Poor team with poor coaching. I won’t be shocked if Houston is looking for a new coach this year. Many teams will be looking for a coach. While I’m against a defensive-minded head coach, I do think a team or two will bite on Flus. The numbers speak for themselves, and what’s he’s accomplished In Indianapolis has been spectacular.

Marcus Brady, Offensive Coordinator

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This name may come as a shock to some people, but don’t be surprised if he’s interviewed or possibly even hired somewhere. Brady was a hot name for a potential offensive coordinator job before being promoted by the Indianapolis Colts. I mentioned that Ventrone teams are looking at these younger guys and taking gambles with them. Brady was a very hot name to be an offensive coordinator, and while he doesn’t call plays in Indianapolis, he’s still an impact. The Eagles currently have a winning record with Sirianni, and he didn’t call plays in Indianapolis. The biggest thing that could get Brady hired is his role in Carson Wentz’s success this season.

Parks Frazier Assistant Quarterbacks Coach

While this name will shock many people, I believe Parks could be a legit option as an offensive coordinator. He’s Frank Reich’s right-hand man and well respected. Like Marcus Brady, I think Parks had a significant role in the success of Carson Wentz. While he may not land a head coaching job, an offensive coordinator job is a real possibility, especially if one or more of the Indianapolis coaches get other jobs. It’s typical that when you leave an organization, you typically take people you’ve worked within the past. See Nick Sirianni taking Gannon in the offseason to Philly with him.

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