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I thought the Colts showed well in the Pro Bowl. (But we know we won’t be playing in the Pro Bowl, we have other plans) That’s what happens when you have great players. They get rewarded with prestigious honors. The NFL Honors is coming up; I expect the Colts to be well represented. Here are some awards I could see coming to Indianapolis. I can assure you I’m not biased with these predictions, but with how hot the Colts are right now, I don’t think anyone will question these. 

Comeback Player of the Year

Carson Wentz

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Carson Wentz went from being run out of Philly to being a leader on a playoff team. Hey Philly, I think we won this trade. Carson Wentz was one more bad season away from being out of this league. Carson Wentz is currently top 15 in passing yards, top 10 in Touchdowns, 11th in completion percentage, and bottom five interceptions. It’s time to put some respect on Mr. Wentz. While Carson hasn’t been Superman, he hasn’t had to. The Arizona game showed everyone that he can still be that guy if need be. If Carson Wentz doesn’t win comeback player of the year, then I don’t know what the NFL is doing.

Offensive Player of the Year

Jonathan Taylor

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JT! Feed Taylor, and good things happen. Taylor has been phenomenal all season long. Taylor has had an MVP caliber season thus far. Taylor can be the NFL MVP, but I think he’s more likely to win the offensive player of the year. Still a great accomplishment for the second-year player. He’ll also bring home the NFL rushing title this year. Chris Ballard finds magic beans in the second round of the draft, and Taylor has been one of the best picks made by Ballard. Taylor has done it all this season for the Indianapolis Colts, and if he doesn’t win the MVP, he’ll always be the Colts team MVP this year. To quote Jim Irsay, “Jonathan Taylor MVP, Jonathan Taylor MVP.” Remember that Taylor won AFC Player of the Month in consecutive months this year. This award has to be a no-brainer for the voters.

Coach of the Year

Frank Reich

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Don’t you love Frank Reich? The injuries, the covid outbreak, the 1-4 start. No obstacle is too much for this guy. Frank Reich shows up to work every morning with the intention of winning the day. Instilling this 1-0 mindset to these players each week hasn’t gone unnoticed. Frank Reich has lived by the 1-0 motto for a couple of years, and this year has been no different. He never takes credit himself for the great play calls he draws up. He’s the most selfless coach in the league. Reich went out on a limb and said they could do this with Carson, and Ballard trusted Frank and got his guy. He’s turned a 1-4 team to knocking on the door of a division title and a long playoff run. The Comeback King always has a few tricks up his sleeves. It’s not about how you start; it’s how you finish. Frank Reich is finishing stronger than most. Frank should’ve won coach of the year in 2018 but was robbed. This year could very well go in Franks’s favor. This tweet says it all.


Walter Payton Man of the Year

Kenny Moore II

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Mr. Lightning in a bottle himself. Kenny Moore’s story was shown to millions of people who tuned into Hard Knocks. That alone should give him an advantage in the voting. Moore has earned this award by his work off the field. His story with the Garvey family touched many people worldwide, but his continued work off the field shows what kind of person Kenny Moore is off the field. I believe Hard Knocks has helped the Indianapolis Colts. Being a small-market team, it’s hard to grow awareness for the players, and Hard Knocks has shined a light on these players and has showcased them in a positive light. I mean, winning games also do that, but being Hard Knocks has helped the Colts gain the most Pro Bowlers. With that, I fully expect Kenny Moore to win this award.

Executive of the Year

Chris Ballard

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After the Cardinals game, if there was any doubt as to why Chris Ballard is the greatest GM currently in the NFL, it got put to rest. Chris Ballard deserves this award for his off-season moves. Moves brought over Carson Wentz, Matt Pryor, Chris Reed, and building overall depth to the Colts. Chris Ballard has built this team to make a deep run in the playoffs. I’m a Colts fan, and I can genuinely say I’m not biased here. Chris Ballard is the best GM in football.


Jonathan Taylor

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JT has been a beast all year. The Batman to Carson Wentz (Robin). In a passing league, Jonathan Taylor has taken the league by storm in the ground game. He’s the NFL’s leading rusher and no one is catching him. Hey Titans fans I know you’re probably think “but Henry” this isn’t about him. Henry had a phenomenal season last year, but so did Aaron Rodgers. THIS year Taylor is having a phenomenal season and no quarterback is having an MVP season. Brady has 36 touchdowns, but Stafford, Herbert, and Mahomes are all close to Brady. No one is running away with it this year. That’s why it’s acceptable for Taylor to win the MVP.

The Colts are going to make a run in the playoffs. The Pro Bowl will showcase many of the Colts roster which is incredible for a small market team. The NFL Honors will also have a ton of awards coming home to Indianapolis. I said I wouldn’t be biased that’s why I didn’t include Darius Leonard. But in my opinion he should win defensive player of the year. I know he won’t, though, which is why I didn’t include him in this list. So don’t come at me for that.


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