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It’s Wednesday. You know what that means. (@Firstsnap on Twitter if you got that reference) another episode of hard knocks has got me pumped. It’s shined a whole new light on how I view the players. This is a new series I felt like starting. It’s getting closer and closer to Christmas, and around this time, I like to sit back and reminisce about what I’m thankful for. So why not make a list about Colts I’m thankful for. Being a fan of the Colts, I’m thankful for everyone on the team, but these players and coaches have a special place in my heart. This is a player spotlight. It’s so easy to go on Twitter, hide behind a screen and talk mess to the players who may or may not read those tweets, but how often do we give thanks to those players for providing entertainment to us on a Sunday afternoon. First off, I want to start this series with Kenny Moore II. I chose Kenny first because it’s a great time to remind everyone reading this to stop what you’re doing. Go to your social media platforms and post “Kenny Moore II X #WPMOYCHALLENGE, “ and while you’re at it, go ahead and also tweet out “Kenny Moore II x #ProBowlVote each RT counts towards voting! Let’s get our guy to the Pro Bowl and help him win the most prestigious award in the league! Fan voting ends this week!

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I’ve always appreciated Kenny’s game since he first joined the Colts. Having a behind-the-scenes look with Hard Knocks has made me look at him different. As much as I love him on the field, seeing Kenny off the field has brought a whole new appreciation to him as a human. It’s so easy to forget that these players are regular people who have everyday lives after the game ends on Sundays. Kenny does it all on the field for the Colts. From interceptions to sacks, Kenny is all over the field, but it’s what he does off the field that I want to shine a light on. Two weeks ago on Hard Knocks, we saw Kenny’s relationship with the Mason Garvey, and the Garvey family was something special to watch. I think it showcased who Kenny Moore is off the field. As much as I respected Kenny Moore on the field, my respect for him off the field went up tremendously. You can have the best stats in the world, but if you’re not a good person, how can anyone root for you? It’s so hard not to like Kenny Moore. Everything he does for the team on the field is only a fraction of how much he does off the field for the community. Good guy Kenny.

We’ve often seen how much Chris Ballard preaches having good character and values having good guys in the locker room. I think it’s safe to say Kenny Moore exemplifies exactly what Chris Ballard has preached about good character. Many people have questioned Chris Ballard’s free agent signings and overall philosophy, but it’s guys like Kenny Moore who make us believe in the Chris Ballard philosophy.

It’s unfortunate that most fans completely bypass the off-field work these players do. I don’t blame the fans for not taking notice. Most of these players don’t even publicize the work they do. I mean, most Colts fans found out about the Garveys on Hard Knocks with the rest of the world. I respect not wanting to make things public, but it’s important to get people behind a cause like his.

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In closing, Kenny Moore needs more recognition from mainstream media. While Hard Knocks is a big stage for his personality to shine, he can be more prominent. Have you seen that meme that goes like “the job vs. recognition received”? I always think of Kenny Moore. He’s having a phenomenal season, and he does it all for the Indianapolis Colts. But what will make Kenny Moore go from Indianapolis Star to megastar is the work he does off-field. Thank you to Kenny Moore for being a fantastic human on and off the field. #KennyMooreII x #WPMOYCHALLENGE

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