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It’s another Monday after a Colts game and you know what that means? Another day where the national media and fans all around overreact to things that happened the previous day. People LOVE to talk just to talk on social media (myself included, no one is safe) and usually when people talk about the Colts, they do so without facts. This new series will spotlight several of those social media overreactions to Carson Wentz and the Colts as a whole every week and act as a good source of correct information and facts to those who need it.



We’re gonna start this off with SportsCenter directly disrespecting the Colts. The ruling was eventually declared a fumble, meaning the boys upstairs looked at it and decided the ball slipped out of his hands. But was this the correct decision by Wentz to attempt to pitch the ball forward? Probably not. Wentz loves to try to extend plays and sometimes it’s better to just take the sack. However, in his defense Zach Pascal had about 5 yards of separation behind the defender and was alone in the end zone. Was it the worst play I’ve ever seen like some people seem to think? Absolutely not. Especially considering it was ruled a fumble. Wentz needs to learn to tuck the ball and just go down sometimes (sometimes his antics work out, but it’s still a problem), but people need to stop acting like he’s still this turnover prone QB like he was last year. He currently sits at the lowest INT% and one of the lowest fumble% for a QB, but people love to hate.



These series of tweets are coming from an account that fellow writer Lucas Robins and myself got into quite the debacle with a few days ago about something similar to what we’re spotlighting here. And we’re probably going to see a lot of Wentz slander and I’m not going to stand for it. First of all, saying Jalen Hurts “took his job” with how bad Hurts has been compared to Wentz this season is an absolutely absurd argument to bring up if you’re trying to bash him. Then bringing up the 3 teams he’s beaten like he has any control over that? No practice before the season and then spraining BOTH ankles before playing a division rival and still keeping every loss within 1-2 scores? I’d say that’s not a terrible start for a guy coming off of the 2020 season he had.



Trying to include more than just Wentz-hating is very difficult. No one seems to care about the defense that’s allowing the 2nd most passing TD in the entire league and is the bottom half of the league in every yards allowed category. Everything is Wentz’s fault. Ignore the 1 INT through 7 games and (excluding one of the fumbles from last night’s game, because everyone was fumbling in that monsoon) 3 fumbles through 6 games. He’s certainly not lighting up the stat sheet and I’m not saying he’s even a top 10 QB, but people need to forget about the narrative that he’s still a bottom tier QB that constantly turns the ball over (despite turning it over less than almost every QB in the league).



For the record, I can never tell if an account is trolling (especially when they have no profile picture and no followers), but this one feels too real to be a troll. Saying a game that was won by two scores with 30 points scored in the pouring rain with 2 passing TD wasn’t impressive isn’t just a matter of a opinion, it’s just a silly thing to even say. I’m not someone who is easily impressed by things, I usually think a two score win should be a normal thing, but last night’s win was impressive by all means. Garoppolo wasn’t exactly playing his best football, but how could you in that weather? And the way this defense essentially shut them down in the second half and didn’t blow the lead like they did against the Ravens was great from all aspects.



To balance this all out, we’re going to take us down a couple of notches here. Dan Orlovsky has been LOVING the Colts this season, but this feels like a bit of an overreaction in the sense that we’re getting ahead of ourselves. The replies are worse considering 90% of the people under them think Indy doesn’t even have a shot at the playoffs (they do), but I would be shocked if this is the year the Colts make the Super Bowl. The offense has been fine for the most part and, if anything, really seems to be heating (nearly top 10 in most categories), but the defense has been a serious liability. And you know what they say about defense winning championships. This squad is at least another season from being considered Super Bowl contenders, but with what they have going now, it wouldn’t surprise me if it happened sooner rather than later.

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