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Watching football is fantastic, but winning money while watching football is fabulous!
Last week showed all of Colts nation that Sam Ehlinger is the real deal. Frank Reich has said it will be an equal opportunity for each quarterback. Last week vs. the Panthers, we saw Jacob Eason get the start, and he played an entire half. This week Ehlinger is slated to get the start. That could change. Take that with a grain of salt. But another week means another week of Colts football! Which also means another week of bets! Ehlinger is taking the lead here this week, and I’d like to welcome everyone to the Sam Ehlinger Show. I would also like to note at Texas Ehlinger was phenomenal with live betting and covering the spread.

The Vikings got blown out last week. No starters played. But this week, the starters are expected to play. I highly doubt Zimmer will overwork then. I’d expect two series, maybe a 3rd if the first two aren’t great with the news of the starters playing, perhaps the Vikings muscle up more than 6 points. That will have to be looked at when we’re talking about the game total.

We didn’t do bad last week. The Colts won, meaning our Moneyline bet and our spread also hit. But my bet on the under did not hit. I have a good reason for it not hitting. I expected Eason to play 3-5 drives, not an entire half. I also expected him to score maybe 6 points in total. I expected Eason to be efficient but not put up many points. However, I did expect Ehlinger to put up 10 points but what threw us off was Eason scoring ten. But now we have a feel for how Reich is handling the snap count. Ehlinger will get a half, and Eason will get a half. We got LOCKS this week. The Vikings scored an incredible 6 points in the blowout loss to the Broncos. Following a blowout loss Vegas somehow has the Kellen Mond led Vikings a -2.5 favorite!

“Perez LOCK of the week.” Colts +115, Colts +2.5. (FanDuel Sportsbook) other bets, let’s do Colts+115 and an under 38 parlay. If you want to get, spicy add the Baltimore Ravens -3 into your parlays.

Ehlinger will lead the Colts to start this game which is good news as he hasn’t had the best week of practice. Meaning Eason should be fired up to lead a comeback win of his own possibly. The game total is at 38, and I don’t want to touch that. But if I had to lean a certain way, I’m going the under. I don’t see how the Vikings score a ton of points even with the starters playing. I would account for around 15 points for the Colts, but we see the first half of Ehlinger vs. the starters of quality defense. Ehlinger could shine like I think he can, or he could flop and leave Eason to storm back in the second half. I don’t expect the Vikings to enter a shootout with the Colts. I think the Colts have much better backups than the Vikings.

Again It’s the preseason nobody cares, but it’s football. And if you want to get a little extra juice on the game, head to a legal state where gambling is legal and place a bet on the Colts preseason game vs. the Vikings. Please have a few cold ones, and let’s win some money together.

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