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Hey Coltsnation! Matt Eberflus is gone, and it’s time to replace him. While I believe this will be a lengthy process Chris Ballard and the company are off to the races in finding a potential replacement for Matt Eberflus. #thankyouFlus Two names have come up for interviews. Joe Cullen is the defensive coordinator for the Jacksonville Jaguars and Chris Harris, the DB’s coach from the Washington Football Team.

Joe Cullen DC Jacksonville

Let’s talk about Joe Cullen first. At first, I was a little skeptical of the name. Mainly it is a Jacksonville Jaguar coach. What’s concerning is the Jaguars are a bottom-barrel team. (Yes, they beat us and eliminated us from the playoffs.) But it doesn’t change that they are a bottom-barrel team. Before the Jaguars, Cullen coached the Ravens, Buccaneers, Browns, and the Lions. Yes, he was a part of the roster that went 0-16 with the Lions. Some might argue it’s more impressive to go winless than undefeated. At the same time, he was working with the Detroit defensive line, four separate lion players on the defensive line recorded career-high sack numbers. Impressive? Yeah? I would say so. Our defensive line hasn’t been the greatest. Bringing in a guy who has a knack for getting the best out of the Dline is music to my ears.

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Let’s look further into Coach Cullen. After Detroit, he moved down to the NCAA to coach Idaho State for one season before being brought back to the pros. Following a three-year stint in Jacksonville, he joined the Cleveland Browns. A stint in Cleveland which he coached the defensive line to 41 sacks and allowed 3.9 yards a carry which was the best the franchise had seen in 18 years. We’re seeing a common factor of Cullen getting solid production from his defensive line, which should have every Indianapolis fan salivating. In 2014 under Lovie Smith, in two seasons, Cullen had the defensive line ranked 7th in tackles for loss and combined sacks. Following Tampa Bay, he was hired by the Ravens, who have continually had a strong pass rush. Everywhere Cullen has gone, the defensive line has produced. The Colts have a lot of guys on the defensive line with untapped potential that I think Cullen could get the most out of.

Chris Harris DB coach WFT

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Chris Harris is the former player turned coach. There is not a lot of coaching history, but what he lacks in years he gains with experience as a player. He has a lot of ties to the Indianapolis Colts. A 6th round pick by the Chicago Bears in 2006. Also, note Chris Ballard was on the staff that drafted Harris in Chicago. Harris would bring both playing and coaching history to the team. Harris was the Chicago Bears defensive quality control coach for one season. He joined the Chargers in 2016 as the assistant defensive backs coach, and in 2020 he joined the Washington Football Team and hasn’t left. I’m sure the Maniac Darius Leonard will be thrilled to be coached by a guy who once led the league in forced fumbles. Leonard is also a guy who likes to punch the ball out. At the same time, the Washington Football Team’s defense wasn’t anything to brag about again being a bottom-barrel team. At just 39, he could bring youth and energy to a defense that feeds off of high energy.

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