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With the departure of Mike Groh to the New York Giants, it is time to examine who is going to replace Coach Mike Groh as Wide Receivers coach. Whether it was a lack of talent or coaching, this group was average at best. The Colts need to get more out of this position group. So who will Frank Reich hire? It is clear the Colts need to bring someone in who can communicate, get more out of this unit, and someone Frank can trust to do the job well. I will highlight three (3) candidates I think would be good fits for the job (in no particular order).

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Candidate #1: Greg Lewis

The first candidate on our list, Greg Lewis, is a former NFL Player and currently RB Coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. He coached under Frank Reich and Dough Pederson in Philadelphia for a year and then coached the Kansas City Chiefs as the WR Coach where he is now. He has a background in player development as he developed Tyler Boyd at Pittsburgh and Mecole Hardman in Kansas City. He gets the most out of his position groups, has positional experience as a player and a coach, and has experience coaching under Frank Reich. If he is willing to leave Kansas City and wants to coach Wide Receivers again, I would reach out to him and attempt to bring him on staff.

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Candidate #2: David Culley

A name that will sound familiar to Colts Fans, former Houston Texans Coach David Culley could be an intriguing candidate for the Wide Receiver Coaching Job. Coach David Culley has spent 43 years as an assistant coach Collegiately and in the NFL, most of that time as a Receivers Coach. He has ties to GM Chris Ballard in that he spent several seasons as the Assistant Head Coach and WR Coach under Andy Reid when Chris Ballard was in Kansas City. David Culley is a high-energy coach who communicates well with his players and gets players to buy-in. For example, in Philadelphia, Terrell Owens was known to only talk to David Culley and not the Offensive Coordinator. For a Colts team that needs a spark in their passing game, I would take a serious look at bringing in David Culley as WR Coach. He has the experience, the ability to communicate, brings energy, and knows the game.

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Candidate #3: Curtis Johnson

Our third and final candidate is Curtis Johnson, who has 33 years of coaching experience as an assistant at the High School level, Collegiate ranks, and NFL, respectively. Some of the notable players he has coached include Reggie Wayne, Michael Thomas, Alshon Jeffery, Joe Horn, and Andre Johnson. The first name on that list will look very familiar to Colts fans, as he was Reggie Wayne’s college coach. He was a part of the New Orleans Saints Staff last season, and with Sean Payton retiring, he could be willing to move on. With that said, he has no known connections to Frank Reich or Chris Ballard. However, he can coach the WR position, and that is all that matters at the end of the day.

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