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It’s the final week of the preseason. The Colts are still undefeated in the preseason. I don’t want to read too much into that, but did someone say the first team ever to go 20-0? All kidding aside, another week means another chance to win money. Last week we crushed the online bookies! We hit everything we played, including the spicy ravens parlay. The Colts under smashed, the Colts’ ML hit, along with the Colts’ spread. We are on fire. I highly suggest if you people can bet to tail me. We have locks this week as always and more bets.

To start us off, the Colts are the favorites heading into this game. Like last week I genuinely felt the Colts had a better roster than the Vikings. The Colts also have a better roster than the Detroit Lions. The Lions are not playing the starters, but even with the bench depth, I think the Colts are still better.

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The Colts are the current favorites sitting at -2, -135ML, with the game total of 33.5.

Call me Ronald McDonald cause “I’m lovin it” I want to play all of these. I want max bets on Colts -2. I want max bets on the Moneyline. These are locks. “The Perez Lock of the Week” is Colts -135. I’m still unsure of the game total. The Lions have not won a game in the preseason. The game totals scored 31 and 46. They’ve been in high-scoring game totals. The over could be the move in this game. There’s a new bet on FanDuel Sportsbook. It’s called “winning margin (4 way),” and we’re going to take a stab at that, as you’ll see below in the weekly bets.

Weekly Bets

Colts -2


Parlay Colts -135, under 33.5

Winning Margin: Colt by 1-13 points +155

If you want to get spicy five-team parlay Colts-135, Ravens-170, Jets-240 (never bet on the jets) Denver -400, Cleveland-240. This is a long shot parlay, but that’s what we do here. We get spicy and put big boy parlays in.

I think that winning margin because the Colts will win, but I highly doubt it’ll be a blowout victory. With that said, winning by 1-13 seems like a lock, and at +155, it’s a great value play.

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It’s the final preseason game; get excited. The regular season is around the corner. And if you want to get a little extra juice on the preseason finale, head to a legal state where gambling is legal and place a bet on the Colts preseason closer. Please have a few cold ones, and let’s win some cold hard cash together.

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