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With the 77th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, the Indianapolis Colts select Bernhard Raimann, OT, Central Michigan.

The Colts got the 77th pick as part of a trade with the Minnesota Vikings after electing to trade down from pick 42.

Meet Bernhard Raiman

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Bernhard Raimainn’s hometown is Steinbrunn, Austria, where he began playing football at age 14 for the Vienna Vikings youth football team. He initially went to Ballsportgymnasium Wien and then journeyed to Delton-Kellogg High School in Delton, Michigan as an exchange student for his junior year at age 17 to pursue his dream of playing football. After his junior year in Delton Kellogg High School, he returned to Austria to complete his mandatory military service after graduating from Ballsportgymnasium Wien. Central Michigan recruited him as a 2-star tight end at a reported 6’7 and 230-240lbs. During his first two seasons at Central Michigan, he stayed at tight end. He played 17 games for the Chippewas, recording only 20 catches and 164 yards with no Touchdowns, primarily being used as an inline blocking Tight End. In 2020 he built up 50lbs of mass to 290lbs and was shifted from TE to RT, starting all six games for Central Michigan. After having success early, he shifted over to the blindside in 2021, proving to be one of the best OL in the MAC conference and shining even vs. tougher opponents like Missouri.


Play Style:

Raimann projects best as a Tackle in the NFL, though his shorter-than-average arms have made some speculate about him shifting further inside as a Guard. However, the Colts likely see him as a developmental blindside LT, as they are unafraid to have shorter armed OTs (see Braden Smith on the right side). Despite his lack of length, Raimann has all the physical tools needed to be a successful tackle in the NFL. A Bruce Feldman Freak athlete who tested during the combine with a Relative Athletic Score of 9.81. On top of his immense size, speed, explosiveness, & agility, Raimann is an intelligent football player despite his late beginnings in the sport. He quickly recognizes blitzes and stunts and responds well to them while also showing excellent angles and awareness in the open field at the 2nd level in run blocks. His feet are constantly moving, and his hands are active and precise. He displays strong bend and leverage and has a very effective anchor in pass pro. His hands erase players once they are on a defender, and he has strong grip strength. Raimann is also a high-effort player who will fight to the whistle. However, he needs to improve lateral movement more consistently and struggles against speed on the edge. He can over-extend, and his length limitations can show up if he doesn’t get his hands on a pass rusher. He needs to be more fluid overall on the edge in pass pro. Overall, he is a bit of a developmental tackle with immense physical talent and plenty of tools to work with and should compete with Matt Pryor for the Colts’ starting LT spot as a rookie. Raimann is considered an older rookie at age 25.


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