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A Colts player is in the midst of an offseason holdout to be paid more, but is this a cause for alarm?

The Colts are in the beginning stages of their offseason program and have begun their Voluntary Organized Team Activities. Most of the team has reported in with the exception to a handful of vets still rehabbing injuries (see Darius Leonard and his ankle). But one notable player was absent from the practice field on Wednesday: Kenny Moore II.

The Pro Bowl cornerback reportedly feels like he deserves to be paid more due to his past performance as one of if not the best Nickel CBs in the NFL. While he still has two years remaining on his current contract, he is coming off of his first Pro Bowl season and wants to be paid like such. He is currently only the 29th highest-paid Corner in the NFL per Spotrac.

Some among the Colts fandom might see this holdout as a player being selfish, a poor teammate, or greedy. However, 2021 Colts Walter Payton Man Of The Year Nominee Kenny Moore II has been nothing short of an exemplary teammate during his tenure with the Colts.

It is no question that Kenny Moore II has been underpaid. With rising CB costs around the NFL over the last few years, as well as the increase in cap space, it is clear that Kenny Moore II’s contract is a great bargain for the Colts at this point, but it is fair for him to want to be compensated more closely to the level of production he provides. He is not a bad teammate, nor is he “not a team player,” just like anyone else who asks for a pay raise after an extensive history of strong work. While one could argue it is too soon for him to want a new contract, this practice is becoming more common with two years left on the contract in the modern NFL landscape.

An important thing to note in Kenny Moore II’s holdout: he is still reporting into the Colts facility and being an active participant in various areas of offseason prep allowed at this time. His “holdout” is only involving on-field workouts and drills. Moore II and his agent have communicated with Reich and, by extension, the Colts not to blindside the team with his absence. He is not going out to the media to badmouth the organization or demand a new contract there.

To our knowledge, this has been a civil, respectful, and open negotiation between both sides, and they are acting in good faith to one another. Kenny Moore II is beloved by the Colts brass and fans. He wants to stay as a Colt for longer, But he simply just wants to be paid like his contemporaries.

Whether it is an extension for more money long-term or renegotiation to increase his compensation (via guaranteed money, bonuses, or both), it seems like the overdue pay raise is on the horizon. Whether it is with the Colts or not is to be determined, but in my humble opinion, the Colts should consider paying Kenny Moore II his due. From the described Lightning in a Bottle playmakers perspective, it is past time for the Colts to:


Ultimately this holdout at this point is no cause for alarm. There is still plenty more of the offseason left for Kenny Moore II to report to, including all mandatory offseason activities. No bridges have been burned, and there is no need to worry about his preparedness for the 2022 NFL season. So far, it appears that no matter what ends the holdout, it will be amicable. 

As of right now, the expectation among Colts fans should be that Kenny Moore II will remain a Colt for the next few years. So keep your hands off of the panic button and take a deep breath, folks; this will likely be resolved very soon.


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