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I want to start by saying I love madden. Many people hate madden for not being good, but I take it for what it is. It’s a fun football game, so I’m just thankful we get one of those. I want to know why Madden doesn’t respect the Colts. One of the hottest teams in the league right now, and I see the ratings come out each week with little to no movement for our players. Here’s a couple of guys who need a rating boost.

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I am starting with obvious Carson Wentz. Can some explain why Mac Jones, Kirk Cousins, Jimmy G, Baker Mayfield, and Justin Fields all have higher ratings than Carson Wentz? If someone can give me a valid explanation, I’ll cash app them 50$. Wentz is 15th in passing yards, 10th in touchdowns, tied for 3rd fewest interceptions. I mean, EA, explain yourselves. Carson Wentz, at a minimum, should be an 83.

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How about the NFL leading rusher by 300 yards? Is he a 90 overall yet? I’ll answer that for you. No, he’s not. Get on the ball EA. Your motto is “EA; it’s in the game” well, to be honest, EA, you’re not in the game with these ratings. Why isn’t Taylor an X-Factor yet? Yeah, I don’t know either, EA. What more can you do? I guess a five-touchdown game wasn’t enough to be an X-Factor or a 90+ overall. Who cares if you lead the league in rushing touchdowns and yards. Not EA, that’s who. If Aaron Jones and Joe Mixon are a 90+, so is Taylor in 2021. Fix your rating system EA.

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Is Darrius Leonard not a top 3 linebacker in the league? It’s like EA just watched highlights for the Colts and bases the ratings off of that. Wait, no, that can’t be right, because if they did, they would see every single peanut punch Leonard has forced. But yes, Roquan Smith, Eric Kendricks, Demario Davis are all better than Leonard. Sure these players listed may have some aspects of their game that are better than Leonard, but at the end of the day, the better linebacker is Darius Leonard. Leonard should be a 93. And even that 93 is being on the low end.

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One of the worst ratings in the game for the Colts is the receivers. If TY Hilton is considered an 82 in 2021, then Michael Pittman has no business being and 82. If Hilton is an 82, which he is, then Pittman should be a 86. For one, he’s having a breakout year, and two, TY has had an awful year. Something’s gotta change. Pascal should also be rated higher than Hilton just off the fact that he’s been better this year. Keep an eye out for Dulin, who you won’t see boosted, but he’s starting to emerge as a weapon on offense.

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The one rating that made my skin boil? You guessed it. The All-Pro guard Big Q Nelson. While he is a 96, it’s not good enough. If Zack Martin is a 98, then Nelson is 99. Let the All Pro be a 99. Show some love to the big guys. Nelson has been the best guard in all of football since entering the league, and it’s time madden started treating him as so. Either make equal to Martin or more significant, I don’t care. But in no universe should Martin be rated higher than Nelson.

Honorable mentions for players whose ratings need to be addressed is Kenny Moore II. He’s one of the best slot corners in the league yet is only an 84. Marlon Mack, why is he a 79? Rock Ya-Sin has been great this year and still only a 77. Kwity Paye having a phenomenal rookie year is only a 76. Rigoberto Sanchez gets entirely ignored by madden, but to be fair so does every punter in the league. Finally, two big guys Matt Pryor and Chris Reed drastically underrated.

Look, I’m not just a homer here. Put up the stats of these players vs. the rest of the league. Madden has severely underrated the Colts, and I’m sick of it. It’s time for a change to happen. EA needs to start respecting the Colts.

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Joshua Perez

I am Joshua Perez a 22 year old communications major at the University of Texas San Antonio. I love the NFL, I gamble, I love the Colts.

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