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I saw a hot take going around a Colts fan Facebook group and wanted to come to share my take for Colts nation. The take read, “hot take Andrew Luck did nothing for the franchise and was a wasted pick.” Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I’ll say it; I disagree one hundred percent. I was always a Colts fan, but with Luck, my passion for the team become more robust than ever. The point I’d consider myself a die-hard fan. We can break down stats, and I’m pretty confident the numbers wouldn’t back up this person’s statement. I think with his early retirement, and many fans forget the type of prospect Andrew Luck was. He was by far the greatest prospect to come out of college since Elway. Andrew was truly gifted and was a sure-fire number one overall pick. There are a few moments in Luck’s short career I want to point out to prove this statement as incorrect.

Point A:

The AFC Wildcard game vs. the Chiefs:

This game, in particular, in my opinion, showed all of Colts Nation why Andrew is legit. This game reminded the fans why Andrew was one of the highest-rated prospects to come out of college since Elway. This wildcard game being down multiple scores watching the game, you never felt like it was over. You had this feeling that no matter the deficit, Andrew would pull us out of it. Being down so much and still fighting back in a game that looked far past over, he still fought and brought the team back to win. That was Andrew Luck, a true competitor. So much so that Andrew was benched against the Cowboys for being down an unrealistic amount, and he begged Pagano to get back in the game. The guy who said “oh good hitman” when he took a sack. That’s Andrew freaking Luck. Luck went into halftime down 31-10 and led the second-largest comeback in playoff history. This game was magical. We’re talking two Donald Brown touchdowns, a Donald Brown fumble recovered by Luck to score a touchdown, Colby Fleener touchdown, and to see the game a 64-yard pass to TY Hilton to seal the game. If you don’t look at this game and say, “damn, that Andrew Luck got “it,” you’re doing yourself a disservice.

Point B:

Poor Management:

I think everyone can agree Ryan Grigson is the worst GM well in the history of the NFL. Well, any Colts fan would tell that with no hesitation. What Grigson did to Luck should be a crime. The Indianapolis police department should charge that man with attempted murder for allowing Luck to line up behind that abysmal offensive line. It was criminal! What Grigson did to Luck was like watching MJF play the inner circle only to turn on Jericho and the Inner Circle. Grigson acted as he cared about Luck, but if he did, this wouldn’t be the result. Do you want to talk about drafting no help? Let me introduce you to Trent Richardson (traded away first-rounder for him) and Bjorn Warner. Let’s ignore 2012, also known as the Luck and Hilton draft. But after that, it gets scary. 2013 is just a year post-Luck. The picks are as followed.

Bjorn Warner

Hugh Thornton

Khaled Holmes

Montori Hughes

John Boyett

Kerwynn Williams

Justice Cunningham

Want to talk about a bad draft? How about every single player being out of the league currently. And has been since 2016. 2014 yep, one guy still playing. 2015 3 players still playing and two starters on other NFL rosters. I’ll give credit where it’s due in his final draft; he got us Ryan Kelly, Joe Haeg, and Austin Blythe, who became a starter for another team. I know we’ve been spoiled with Ballard drafting stud after stud, but these guys drafted by Grigson are just terrible.

Point C:

Poor Coaching:

Pagano is a great guy but a lousy coach. I think Pagano overstayed his welcome by many years. He should’ve been fired after; well, name any blowout vs. a playoff team. Pagano is responsible for drawing up and running one of the WORST plays in NFL history. (Fake punt?) I’m not even sure what you call that attempt. Chuck was a defensive coordinator with the Ravens yet couldn’t ever bring the Colts to a top 10 defense. You can see the numbers under BA when Pagano was out with leukemia Luck thrived and was a better player than under Pagano. I don’t think any coach was keeping that offensive line “protecting” Luck as he got sacked the most times in NFL. We saw what Luck could be with a competent coach (BA), and we saw how good Luck was with Pagano. That’s no joke. Even with poor coaching, Luck was still viewed as elite. Do you think RGIII could’ve held up with that offensive line? No shot. Wilson? No shot. To say Andrew Luck was a wasted pick is just false. Now to say the Colts wasted Andrew Luck, that statement is one hundred percent accurate.

Point D:

Lack of Talent:

I don’t think it’s a secret that Luck vs. what others had wasn’t even comparable—a terrible defense, terrible offensive line, below-average weapons. Everything adds up. Luck made his talent better than what they were actually. Dontrell Inman became a semi-star under Luck. Colby Fleener played so well with Luck he got a big contract and played with Brees, and not even the all-time great could make him relevant. Dwayne Allen went to play with Tom Brady and still didn’t put up the numbers he did when he had Luck throwing him the ball. Eric Ebron went from a bust in Detroit to Pro Bowler. Jack Doyle was a Pro Bowler. TY Hilton got made into a Pro Bowler. No disrespect to the Ghost, but where would he be with Andrew? Andrew Luck made C talent into B+ talent.


I rest my case. I mentioned a lot, and it’s all true. Andrew had so little to work with and still came through and provided Colts Nation with Playoff appearances and playoff wins. Andrew fought through all the obstacles from a bad GM and bad coach and still bought this team relevance. He took a team that won two games the year before the playoffs in year one. I know we Colts fans still have a bitter taste in our mouths from his shocking retirement but don’t disrespect the kid. Please don’t take away what he did cause the management let him down and allowed him to be sacked the most times in a season and get hurt, forcing an early retirement. Get your facts straight. The Colts wasted Andrew Luck, not the other way around.

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