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Carson Wentz lands on the covid list. We always knew this was a possibility with his vaccination choice. It may have hit us at the worst possible time, but I’m not worried because we have SAM EHLINGER. And yes, Sam Ehlinger is listed as QB1 so put some respect on his name.

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No Coltsnation; we don’t need our favorite uncle for the week. No, we don’t Andrew Luck for a week either. Let’s do like Aaron Rodgers and R-E-L-A-X. It can’t get worse than watching a Monday Night Football game staring a rookie debut from Ian Book. Sam Ehlinger looked good in the preseason. He won the backup job. Don’t let the fact that Eason started the year as the backup fool you. Ehlinger won the job, but he got hurt which is why Eason stayed on the roster. The second Ehlinger was healthy, Eason went like Nsync bye-bye-bye. It’s clear who won the job.

If you know me well, you know I love Sam Ehlinger. I’m probably one of the few people not related to Sam Ehlinger, who owns a Sam Ehlinger jersey. I’m a proud supporter of Sam and genuinely do believe in him. Hell, my name on Twitter is SAM EHLINGER SZN for a reason. I was stoked when the Colts drafted him, and I loved what I saw in the preseason. He can win this game. Handoff Sammy is no more!

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The NFL has changed the covid protocols to follow the new CDC guidelines. The wait time now goes from 10 days to 5 days. Meaning Ehlinger may not even have to start, but if he does start, he’ll be ready. No Titans fans, no the rest of the NFL; there isn’t a big conspiracy here. No, Dr. Fauci doesn’t want the Colts to win. The CDC isn’t on the Colts’ side in this. This is just a simple coincidence. The NFL changing their covid policies comes at a great time for the Colts. Most of everyone who was out due to covid last week vs. Arizona should be able to come back this week vs. the Raiders. In a win and you’re in scenario, this is huge news.

Sam Ehlinger has that “it” factor that you can’t teach. If Carson Wentz does miss this game on Sunday, I’m not worried, and here’s why. Let’s remember Colts fans Frank Reich has a good reputation with backup quarterbacks. Sam is a winner. Frank Reich has said this about Ehlinger “Sam has played a lot of football not at this level” “but he’s played a lot of winning football.” And Marcus Brady sounded confident about the potential of Ehlinger starting in his press conference today. Being from Texas, it’s natural to watch a lot of UT games, and I saw a lot of them. A lot of those Sam Ehlinger was under center. While Sam doesn’t have the biggest arm, he’s an intelligent player. He’s not going to force the ball into impossible situations; he’s going to take what the defense gives him. Let’s not forget people the Colts are legit undefeated when Sam Ehlinger takes one or more snaps. That’s not a made-up stat; it’s real. Don’t believe me? Go look it up. Yes, that even dates back to the undefeated pre-season. Ehlinger could be the good luck charm that no one knows about yet.

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Whatever happens on Sunday, I’ll still support Ehlinger. Whether he’s the starter or not, I’ll still be rooting for him. Please wake up; Coltsnation Sam Ehlinger SZN is officially upon us. Well, for a little bit. It may be one game; it may not even be a game. The Colts are in great hands this week, with the majority of the team coming back off of the covid list. Sam doesn’t need to be Superman. He just needs to be a game manager. He can do that. Don’t be scared, Coltsnation. Just embrace SAM EHLINGER SZN.

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