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Happy Monday, Colts fans, If you are anything like myself, you dread the start of the workweek. So allow me to provide a moment of distraction with a Colts Mock Draft Scenario provided by the Mock Draft Simulator over at The Draft Network. So stop typing, ignore that email, skip that meeting and tell your boss to kick rocks; you need to learn more about Maryland SAF Nick Cross in the 4th round. So with that being said, and hopefully, you are not fired, let’s get started!

Pick 47: WR John Metchie III, Alabama

John Metchie III is a near-perfect fit for the Colts needs at the WR position. He can play from the slot or as a Z receiver, has an ample route tree, and even can employ some great head/arm fakes to make defenders look as lost as Colts fans when talking about RPOs. He’s explosive and gets separation in ways more than just pure speed. Additionally, John Metchie III has shown an ability to use his explosiveness and quick change of direction for serious RAC opportunities. A well-placed ball in stride could be a house call with this player from 10 yards out. He has his weaknesses, his catch radius can be an issue, there are some drop concerns at times, and he could stand to be a bit more physical, but all in all, this player would fit a dire need for the Colts and an excellent complement to Pittman.

Pick 82: TE Jeremy Ruckert, Ohio State University

Jeremy Ruckert is flying somewhat under the radar for a lot of fans as a prospect; part of this is because he wasn’t used a lot as a pass catcher (curse you, Olave/Wilson…). When Ruckert was targeted, he has made some of the most impressive catches I have seen from the TEs in this class, highlight reel one handed grabs. I didn’t see a ton of different routes run, but I did see an ability to identify soft spots in the zone and get open down the seam. Ruckert’s blocking ability is versatile, and he puts a lot of effort into the play; at times, he can miss his man, and he’s not exactly an aggressive run blocker; a knock on him will be a limited sample size as a receiver as well. Ruckert’s blocking experience, versatility and willingness will play well with the Colts rushing attack, giving him snaps early while his obvious pass catching capabilities can make a huge impact if utilized correctly.

Pick 120: SAF Nick Cross, Maryland

This is my dude; I have been on the Nick Cross bandwagon for so long I am practically the smelly horse pulling the wagon itself; you’re welcome for the visual. Nick Cross has the range, speed, and tackling ability needed for the NFL. In Gus Bradley’s new scheme we will see more MOFC (Middle Of Field Closed) coverages, and this would be an area Cross is heavily experienced with as he played a lot of single high coverage looks, as well as playing a ton of different alignments from the box to single high, even as a blitzer. There are times all that range and tackling can fall off, and he can be hesitant at times leading receivers to slip by, but the talent is undeniable. Nick Cross would provide well needed depth with good upside and could be a viable option for 3 SAF looks with Blackmon and Willis.

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Pick 158: OL Thayer Munford, Ohio State University

I swear, I’m not an Ohio State fan. They just have some good players (obviously).

Thayer Munford has played both LG and LT for Ohio State, he has had moments of some quality play, particularly in 2020 and then he got his lunch money stolen by Aidan Hutchinson, the point is, there are some consistency issues with Munford but a good solid NFL frame, length and good toughness will be a nice foundation to work on as a developmental prospect. The Colts between the tackles style rush attack will be a better fit for him, and he can provide good depth to the IOL; I do not think he will be considered for an OT position, but the positional versatility is a plus in his book.

Pick 177: WR Bo Melton, Rutgers

A shifty speedster, bit of a gadget player but with the Reich’s propensity for WR screens and sweeps, Melton would be a good fit for those roles early while still contributing to special teams. Reportedly able to run a late 4.3 40 yard dash. A good YAC receiver who could grow into a dangerous vertical threat.

Pick 216: CB Jermaine Waller, Virginia Tech

The unsung partner to Caleb Farley in 2019, Jermaine Waller was a rather hot name back then, injuries and inconsistent play have plunged that name into an ice bath as cold as the ones he likely takes to avoid said injuries, but talent is there nonetheless. A late-round flyer on a CB who shows excellent length and ability to attack the ball at the catch point is more than worth it.

Pick 236: RB Jerrion Ealy, Ole Miss

a fun scatback, and former 5 star recruit, Jerrion Ealy, would provide a nice change of pace and receiving skills as a depth piece. Is it truly a Colts Draft if we do not take an RB?

Remind you of anyone?

Pick 237: DT Chris Hinton, Michigan

Another former 5 star recruit and NFL legacy prospect. Chris Hinton’s father, Chris Hinton Sr, was a 7x Pro Bowler and an All-Pro player. Can the son have the same success as the father? who knows, but Chris Hinton has some intriguing traits that I believe would fit well in Gus Bradley’s scheme. Bradley will want to eat up space and take on double blocks to free up one on ones for the LEO, Hinton’s width and strong anchor would do well here. An underrated athlete and definitely has a long way to go, but I could see a role as a depth piece and a good fit in the scheme.

Now run back to your boss and apologize for telling him to kick rocks. Very irresponsible of you.

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