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The Colts have been relatively silent during the free-agent frenzy, typical Chris Ballard fashion. If the Colts won’t make any moves let’s run with some rumors about the Colts and the quarterback position. It’s rumored that the Colts have little interest in Jimmy G now. (RUMOR NOT CONFIRMED BY THE BLUE STABLE). We know now that the Browns met with Watson on Tuesday. Meaning Baker Mayfield could become available soon. It’s being reported that Baker likes the Colts and is his preferred destination. 

Is Baker Mayfield going to be a Colt? When the Colts moved on from Wentz, who would’ve thought that we would be talking about Baker Mayfield? Not me?



I feel like that Paul Rudd meme right now. Throughout this process, I’ve talked myself into Mariota, Jimmy G, Trubisky, and many more, but I never thought Mayfield was on the table. According to a report from According to Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline, The Colts are the preferred destination of Baker Mayfield. I don’t know about you, but seeing that report brought a smile to my face.

Here’s why I think Baker could get dealt.

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The Browns met with Deshaun Watson. That’s a known fact that has been made public. That has to bother Mayfield. If the Browns swing and miss on Watson, I still think Baker will want out of Cleveland. Baker released a statement late Tuesday evening; while he stated this isn’t goodbye, it sure sounded like a goodbye message. Here’s the comment below. What do you think? Does that sound like someone who’s staying around?

Meeting with a potential new quarterback that would replace your current quarterback has to strain the relationship of your current quarterback. I don’t care who you are. That’s hurting your trust in the team and the team’s loyalty to you. In my opinion, IF Watson isn’t traded to the Browns, I still could see a path where Baker requests a trade. Colts or not, I firmly believe Baker Mayfield will not be in Cleveland this coming season.


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What the Colts need:

The Colts don’t need Superman to be under center. They don’t need a “superstar” to be under center. They need a quarterback who will be playing efficiently. Someone who isn’t going to make the bonehead throws while taking the layups. Baker Mayfield can be that guy in Indianapolis. When we look at Mayfield on the field, he’s a competitor. He’s always been a competitor dating back to his college days at OU. In 2020 Baker Mayfield had 26 touchdowns and eight interceptions. The year prior, Mayfield had 22 touchdowns and 21 interceptions. 2019 to 2020 shows what Mayfield can be capable of in a competent offense. While he did creep up back into the double-digit interceptions numbers this past year, he also had a pretty significant injury he was playing through. While he did have a subpar campaign this season, I’ll chalk that up to the injury holding him back. I firmly believe Frank Reich can point him in the right direction if given a chance.

Why would I be against Mayfield?

Could he be a locker room issue? Possibly? But I doubt it. Multiple teammates have gone to bat for Mayfield talking about the type of competitor he is. Could coach ability be an issue? I could see that—Jackson, Kitchens, and now Stefanski. Maybe the problem is coaching, but perhaps it’s not. Jackson is a college coach now. Kitchens was on the Giant’s staff. The Colts haven’t had a guy like Mayfield in the locker room under the Ballard regime. Does it fit the Ballard type? Probably not. Mayfield not being a typical Ballard guy would be a concern; however, don’t doubt he can return to his 2020 form with this coaching staff.

Another thing that would make me question Mayfield is the team. Jack Doyle just retired. The team needs weapons on the outside. Yes, Taylor is phenomenal, but Taylor isn’t catching passes on the outside. The Colts need to get pass catchers to make ANY quarterback under center. Chris Ballard has yet to make significant moves in free agency and sign players to make a difference to this offense. 

Here’s how I would rank my interest to be under center for the colts next year (not including Sam Ehlinger) 

  1. Baker Mayfield
  2. Jimmy Garoppolo
  3. Matt Ryan (if Watson is sent to Atlanta) 
  4. Marcus Mariota 
  5. Rookie (if the rookie is Pickett or Corral or Willis, it changes. I’d move rookie to 1, but I doubt they’re available when we pick)

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If Baker Mayfield is on the table, the Colts should take a stab at Baker Mayfield. Mayfield immediately makes the Colts more competitive on day one. He would bring a swagger into the organization that it hasn’t had in years. Baker Mayfield should be a Colt in 2022.

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