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I don’t even know how to go about trying to gamble this game. The Colts are +115 and +2 and I’m not sure how I want to target this. I love my Colts, but this may not be a win. We have a ton of injuries piling up. Half of our Oline has been ruled out. Willis out, Kwity Paye out, Rock out. It’s just not looking pretty. But a familiar face is coming in Jacoby Brissett. If there’s anyone who knows Jacoby inside and out it’s our defense, but if there’s anyone who knows this defense’s weakness it’s Jacoby Brissett. I’m a big believer that our defense was so good in recent years because they had Jacoby going against them every day in practice. This one will be different. Normally we play the line and the spread and the over/under. This is going to be different because the money to be made here is with the player props. Without further or do let’s get into it.

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Starting with rushing yards I’m thinking this is going to be a massive game for Jonathan Taylor. We saw last week the Colts run the ball more and in that Taylor looked good. The Colts went away from the run for whatever reason, but I think it’s going to get to the point where you can’t ignore Taylor. Taylor is set at 71.5 and I think he’s going to smash this. I am hammering this prop. This is the game Taylor has his little coming-out party. Zach pascal is currently killing it on offense. He’s been a touchdown vulture for this offense. He’s currently +230 to score. I want to be over this. I think he finds the endzone on Sunday. I’m also getting a small play on Pascal +2100 to score twice. I have a prop for Jaylen Waddle who quickly became a target gobbler for Jacoby. Waddle over 3.5 receptions. I think this is a big lock. Another reception prop I have is Jonathan Taylor over 1.5 receptions. My final reception prop is Michael Pittman Jr over 48.5 yards. We’re seeing MPJ emerge as of late and I think he’s in store for a big game.

To lay it all out if that confused you.

MPJ over 48.5

Jonathan Taylor over 1.5 receptions

Jaylen Waddle over 3.5 receptions

Pascal to score +230

Pascal to score twice +2100

Taylor over 71.5 rush yards

“Perez Lock of the Week”

Pascal to score +230 and Waddle over 3.5 receptions.

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Now, if Props aren’t your thing, Colts +115 is my bet I’m playing. I don’t advise you to play this one. On a scale of 1-10 of confidence is at a 4. I’m still going to play it, though. Now, if you follow me on Twitter @firstsnap, I will be live betting the game. I live bet the Jags and Bengals game, and let’s say we had an excellent night cashing in big on the Bengals. And I think this is how you need to play the Colts and Dolphins game. You’ll get a feeling of how it’s going to after the first quarter. You can’t explain it, but it’s a feeling of hope or loss. Stay tuned to Twitter for Live betting updates. 

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