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The trade deadline is fast approaching for the NFL. The Colts are sitting second place in the AFC South following a sluggish start to the season. With things looking good for the Colts should they make a move at the deadline? If you ask 10 different people you’ll get 10 different answers. There are a few variables we need to look at for this to be possible. First, let’s look at who is available for trade and who the Colts have to offer. Second, we have to look at Chris Ballard’s recent activity during the deadline.

Ballard hasn’t made a trade deadline deal since taking over the GM job for the Colts. While Ballard is no stranger to trades some would say he is a stranger to making deadline moves. Ballard hasn’t made trades during the season. The only in-season moves he’s made have been to acquire Jacoby and Marcus Johnson. And then traded away Nate Hairston and Evan Boehm. With all that being said it doesn’t sound like Ballard is the guy to make a move during the deadline.

Who could be available for trade? Let’s take a look at some of the guys the Colts could be interested in.

Kyle Fuller CB Broncos

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Fuller is a guy who just signed with the Broncos in the off-season. But is a guy who’s fallen out of the rotation with a team who just has a ton of depth at the position. Fuller makes a lot of sense for the Colts with all of the recent injuries to our secondary that we have sustained. Fuller would make a great asset to the defensive unit. How likely is this to happen? I’d say 2/10.

Odell Beckham Jr WR Browns / Allen Robinson WR Bears

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Two guys who always find themselves in trade rumors every single year. The Colts have an emerging Michael PittMAN Jr at receiver but with injuries to TY Hilton would bringing in another receiver be the worst thing to happen? No, it wouldn’t. Now Odell isn’t what you would call a “Ballard Guy” typically it’s been rare where Ballard gets someone who’s an Off-field distraction to bring into the locker room. Beckham just never fit in with the Browns and the Browns may be looking to unload him. But Robinson? Seems like a Ballard guy. If the Bears are ready to unload Robinson. And if it isn’t to the Colts I mean come on Chicago #freeAllenRobinson for the sake of my fantasy team. Look I’m all for allowing PittMAN to be the number 1 in this offense but eventually, teams will start doubling him. Adding another weapon on the outside is a smart business move for both PittMAN and the offense. How likely is either of these to happen? 2/10

Marcus Maye S Jets

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Maye a rare breed in the NFL. Someone who’s genuinely loved being a jet. But failed contracts talks may have him on a jet to a new team. (That was corny sorry.) The Colts lost Julian Blackmon for the year and Maye could be a potential replacement. With a new contract looking less likely the Jets don’t have much of a hand. The Colts could get a cheap rental with a team they’ve made a lot of moves with in the past. Now would this be a rental or a long-term move for the Colts? Time will tell. How likely is this to happen? 4/10

A Philly Fire Sale? Derek Barnett and Andre Dillard.

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The Colts’ offensive line has struggled. But finally getting healthy could mean a move for Dillard is unlikely. But here’s why it’s a smart move. Fisher has been awful since coming back from the injury. We’re not winning many playoffs games if he’s lined up at LT. Dillard a former first-rounder just never seemed to get his footing with the Eagles and could just need a change of scenery. Derek Barnett on the other hand a guy who wasn’t given the contract extension. His value has never been lower. The Colts could benefit from this move because the current pass rush isn’t it. They rank at the bottom of the league and it just needs help. Barnett would offer much-needed help for the Colts defensive line. Also, remember if Barnett and Dillard have upside Colts have a lot of friends inside that Eagles locker room. How likely is either of these to happen? 6/10.

Now on the flip, the Colts could very well have some calls being taken on a few players. Let’s take a look at which Colts player could be gone at the deadline.

Marlon Mack RB

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The writing has been on the wall for Mack since  The Colts traded up in the 2nd round of the 2020 draft to select Jonathan Taylor No.41 overall in my opinion. While Mack is a great insurance policy for Taylor it’s not needed anymore. Wilkins is still reliable and Hines is still there. How likely is this to happen? 8/10.

Mark Glowinski G

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Glowinski is a free agent this off-season. And has seemingly lost his spot to Chris Reed. The Colts may want to unload to a team for an extra draft pick. While it may not be smart with all the injuries we have sustained this year. Glowinski is a solid backup and has proven to be reliable for the team. How likely is this to happen? 7/10.

Ben Banogu edge.

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Ben still has a lot of potential but at what point do you give up on a draft pick who isn’t seeing the field. The Colts have a bottom-tier pass rush yet don’t use arguably one of their best pass rushers on the team. Doesn’t make sense to me either. How likely is this to happen? 4/10

The Colts have many options at this deadline, but will they make a move? A move could help acquire draft picks, or it could help by acquiring a player to get this team over the hump. The ball is in Ballard’s hands now. I think Colts fans could be in for a surprise this deadline on November 2. 

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