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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been documenting the players I believe the Colts should be targeting in each round. It’s currently draft week, and we’ve reached our conclusion. Next, I will highlight players the Colts should target in rounds 6 and 7. In these final two rounds, but specifically the 7th round, you’re looking for players with potential and special teams value. Another thing to ask in round 7 is would a priority-free agent is worth drafting, or do you risk losing out on them. Here are eight players I feel the Colts should target in rounds 6 and 7. Let me know what you all think about the list.

Round 6 Targets

Jason Poe, OL, Mercer

Another small school darling who hasn’t draft stock hasn’t sworn like some other small school prospects in the past. Chris Ballard loves himself an excellent small school product. I could mention the need for depth along the offensive line, but in rounds 6 and 7, I don’t feel drafting for depth is the right move. Instead, I believe you should be drafting the best player on the board. At 300 pounds, Poe is one of the best movers in this draft class. There’s a lot to like about Poe, but there’s also a lot to dislike. Poe is an athletic freak who, with the right coaching, could be worth a developmental prospect. Don’t believe me? Check out this Twitter thread.

Also, look at these plays @benfennell_NFL posted under Peter Schrager’s tweet. The athleticism is clearly on display. Jason Poe should not only be looked at by the Indianapolis Colts but by every NFL team.

Cole Turner, TE, Nevada

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Turner, a former receiver turned TE, has a lot of potential. 6’6 around 250, Turner has a lot to offer on the field. Turner has tied the team for most touchdowns. In the blocking game, Turner is a total liability, making him a project player. While he may be a liability in the blocking game, he is willing to be an inline blocker. Turner does have potential as a jump ball potential behind his large frame. Side note, Turner also has some of the best hair in this class. Respect where respect is due. “Look good, feel good, play good, pay good, live good, live good, die good.” -Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk. Turner has big-play ability and is a weapon when he has the ball in space. Turner could be a real weapon in Indianapolis with proper coaching.

Jake Hansen, LB, Illinois

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Hansen screams, “I’m a Chris Ballard guy” when you throw on the tape for Hansen, you’ll notice him always around the ball. Hansen has a high IQ, high character, and is a multi-year team captain. Hansen is what Ballard would dream for. Talent-wise, Hansen could go in the fourth round; however, due to his extensive injury history, I’d imagine Hansen is going to be a 6th or 7th rounder. Potentially a priority free agent signing. Hansen has the proper unteachable traits you would like in a player. I could easily see Ballard taking a chance on Hansen.

Johnny Johnson III, WR, Oregon

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Johnson is an exciting prospect from Oregon. He’s not the most outstanding athlete having a RAS of 4.63. The good thing about Johnson is he’s familiar with special teams, meaning he could potentially have a day one impact. He’s not a speed burner but seems to get behind the defense and uses his body to make a play. The thing that worries me about Johnson is his hands. They aren’t the most reliable. He tends to catch the ball with his body more often than not. However, I believe Johnson could be a valuable asset to the team because of his play on special teams.

Round 7 Targets

Connor Heyward, TE? Michigan St

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Heyward is the brother of Steelers DL Cam Heyward. He’s a versatile player who’s played multiple positions while at Michigan St. Heyward and has the potential to fill a position Frank Reich attempts to fill every year. A fullback is brought in every year only to be cut by Colts. Heyward has the potential to be the next fullback for the Colts. It’s rare to see fullbacks stick in the NFL, and Heyward would have an uphill battle sticking on a team due to his poor size. However, his hands may be his saving grace as he attempts to make a roster.

Josh Thompson, CB, Texas

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Due to his size, I see Thompson transitioning to safety. He’s an aggressive tackler, making a move to safety more suitable. Thompson, to me, fits a zone scheme in the NFL. Thompson has the traits you want from a corner/safety. Good in coverage, athletic, and size. Thompson plays the game physically, making him an ideal player to use on run downs. This feels like a Chris Ballard guy. A season-ending leg injury ended his final year at UT. He’s got special teams reps which is valuable in making a roster. He was a Senior Bowl invite which has seemed to impress Ballard.

Teagan Quitoriano, TE, Oregon St

Quitoriano stands 6’7 and weighs around 260. Former basketball player turned NFL TE is a prospect the Colts should be looking at. It’s easy to find things to like about Quitoriano. Not only is TE a position of need. Ballard loves his former basketball players turned TE. He’s kept big Mo all these years. He’s got the size you cannot teach and has distinctive traits such as quick feet, agility, and physical. Quitoriano isn’t afraid to put his body in front of blockers. He uses his hands well off of the snap. He’s not an athletic beast, but when he learns to utilize his frame for the better, people will ask how he went in the 7th round. He’s a developmental prospect who needs help.

Mike Woods, WR, Oklahoma

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I’ve been on the Woods train since day one of draft coverage. Bring Woodville to Indy, please. While he was at Arkansas, Woods looked like a future second-round pick. The chemistry between Woods and Rattler wasn’t there, and it showed on that stat sheet. Woods’s strengths are his route running and catching, and he has big playability. Woods has great body control around the sidelines/end zone. Woods is good in an open field and is a menace with the ball in the open field. Woods fights for extra yards and is constantly looking for a way to gain more yards. In my opinion, Woods is an excellent prospect who is going overlooked due to poor chemistry at Oklahoma. I believe this 100% Michael Woods will be a steal of the NFL Draft.

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