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From small market to fan favorite, Jonathan Taylor leads the entire NFL in Pro Bowl fan voting. Putting on an impressive showing right before Pro Bowl voting went live certainly helped. Another factor in the Colts getting recognition from the media and the fans is being featured on Hard Knocks. The Colts should be well represented in this year’s Pro Bowl. I think it’s safe to say the Colts are going mainstream—no more underestimating this football organization.

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Jonathan Taylor is taking the league by storm. After a more than impressive five touchdown game vs. the top-ranked Bill’s defense, he put the league on notice. So much so that he has even been brought up for an MVP nod by some. Being the most voted player for the Pro Bowl is an honor. Another impressive showing vs. the reigning Super Bowl champion Jonathan Taylor will force the hand of many to include him in when talking about the MVP of the league. Adding another 100+ yard game vs. the Buccaneers, just like on the field, there will be no catching Taylor in fan votes.

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Taylor isn’t the only Colts player who showed up well represented by the fans. Buckner, Nelson, and surprisingly Michael PittMAN are all in the top 10 voting for their respective positions. Nelson, while being arguably the best guard in football, comes as a shock to me. Wound up on IR for a good portion of the season and has battled injuries all year. Seeing him in the top 10 goes to show the respect he has from the fans. Buckner should be no surprise to anyone as he’s been one of the top defensive linemen of recent years. This year has been no different. One of the most shocking names to see getting votes is Michael Pittman Jr. While he’s had an incredible second-year campaign, I thought it would go unnoticed by the casual fans. I’m sure glad to see that it hasn’t gone unnoticed. With Pittman Jr getting the votes, I think it’s safe to say the Colts are going mainstream.

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One of the biggest shocks to not see in the top 10 is Darius Leonard. While he’s battled through injuries this season, he’s still forced a lot of turnovers with his signature punch. This should only come as motivation to Leonard, as he’s been overlooked his entire career. Soon the fans will realize his dominance.

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The first wave of votes came and saw Indianapolis well represented. Who do you think deserves to be in the top 10 for their positions. Let us know on Twitter @theblue_stable. For me, it’s Kenny Moore and Darius Leonard. To the fans, keep on voting for your favorite Colts players! Show the rest of the league what we already know. I expect the Colts to continue to be well represented as the voting continues.

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