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Oh boy, oh boy! The Colts are 0-2, and I’m still optimistic. I’ve loved what I’ve seen thus far, especially from the offense. But this isn’t a typical article on the team; this is, of course, a Gambling article. And I know it’s late. But I had to make it late to get the proper bets out for all of you. I waited this long for some Carson Wentz news. The plan is for Carson to play and start. Per Rapsheet. 

This is big news. This changes my entire spread. If Carson wasn’t playing, I was all in -5.5 Tennessee. But now, with Carson playing, I want all of Indianapolis +210.

Weekly Bets:

Colts +210


Over 47.5

My “Perez Lock of the Week”

Colts +5.5

Here’s a breakdown for each bet. If you want to play it safe, take the spread at +5.5. But scared money doesn’t make money. Hammer the Colts +210. I like the over as well since last week, Tennessee went into a shootout with Wilson and the Seahawks. I fully expect the same to happen this week.

Again, I apologize for this being late, but we had to wait it out and ensure we had all the news and information. This is good news for Colts fans and even better news for us gamblers. Always remember to only bet in legal states. And always only gamble what you can afford to lose. I am very confident this week against Tennessee. #beatthetitans and go colts!

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And here’s a little bonus play for waiting so long on this article. Bengals +3

Go have fun this week and win lots of money! @theblue_stable on Twitter and show off your wins!

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