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Let’s face it, Colts fans. Something has to change. I know change is the scariest thing in the world, but it wouldn’t be the worst for the Colts. Losing to the Titans after being up 14 is embarrassing. I understand injuries happen, and having four active receivers is unacceptable. What’s more unacceptable is having 1 of the four active receivers go down. So now we have three. We have an elite top 5 running back and still throwing the ball 51 times! Fifty one! Yes, you read that correctly. Fifty-one times Carson Wentz dropped back to throw the ball to 3 active receivers. I’m sick.

What’s more embarrassing than losing to the Titans after being up 14 is having a top 5 elite running back and treating him like an average back. Hey Frank Reich! I love Ashton Dulin as much as the next guy, but can we be honest for a second? Dulin is no more than a special teamer. Yeah, he has above-average run blocking, but why the heck am I watching Dulin run actual routes and getting targets? Yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me. Keke Coutee? Nope let’s rock with Dulin. Michael Strachan? Nope let’s rock with Dulin. Before the game, Frank Reich and the rest of the coaching staff said we only need four receivers because TY Hilton is back. TY Hilton, who’s just getting healthy and doesn’t have an injury history, is back so we only need four active. I’m sick.

Carson Wentz has played phenomenal this year. Anyone saying otherwise is genuinely wrong. Sure he hasn’t been effective in the red zone, but he’s gotten the job done. Getting the job done by managing the game and limiting bonehead plays. This past week against the Titans, arguably the biggest game of the season, he did not play phenomenally.

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 I don’t even blame Wentz, though. I don’t. This is on Frank Reich for putting the game in Carson’s hands. Carson isn’t Superman. Carson isn’t the savior of this franchise. Carson Wentz is an above-average game manager who at times makes boneheaded plays. Frank, better than anyone, knows EXACTLY what Carson is. The fact that Carson threw the ball 51 times! In my opinion, it is a fireable offense. Am I saying to fire Frank? No, not at all. I love Frank, and he’s a great coach. But someone needs to talk some sense into him. Throwing the ball 51 times should NEVER EVER be a thought.

Hey Frank Reich, can we RUN THE DAMN BALL? Is there a reason a future Pro Bowl running back has 16 rushing attempts? Averaging 4.4 yards a carry! I mean, think about that 4.4 yards a carry. Suppose the Colts were to the lineup and run the ball three straight downs. That’s equal to a first down, but no, let’s throw the ball 51 times. I’m sick. It’s so disgusting to see the potential of Taylor being WASTED. I can’t tell what’s worse. The fan base thinking Taylor got hurt because he wasn’t on the field? Or is it having Taylor out of the game for no reason in the final 6 minutes? Taylor needs to have a minimum of 20 carries; there’s no reason for Hines and Mack to see the field that often. No disrespect to them; I love them both, but Taylor is elite, and it’s time to unleash him. It is overdue. When rents are overdue, you get evicted. Run the damn ball. (With Taylor.) I’m sick.

Don’t get me wrong, I believe Frank lost this game by putting the ball in the hands of Carson Wentz. But is he the only one to blame? No. Frank Reich allowed Carson to play hero ball. Carson is no hero. The ball should’ve been in Taylor’s hands. Instead of dumping it to a check down, Carson tries to force the ball downfield. There’s no reason for it. I’m sick.

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This game isn’t all in the hands of Frank Reich. In my opinion, the defense played great, but it doesn’t change the fact that this defense is built to blow leads. They stepped up when they needed to step up. (minus the final drive leading to the field goal) Eberflus may be a worse play-caller than Reich. With each lead blown, it’s getting harder and harder to trust this organization as a whole. Matt Eberflus or Mister blow the lead. This entire defensive scheme is meant to blow leads.

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Something needs to change this season. We can’t wait until next season to figure it out. Taylor needs to have a minimum of 20 carries a game and be involved in the passing game. Again there’s no reason for Hines and Mack to see the field that often. Maybe a coordinator change defensively. We need to get the ball out of Carson’s hands, because he tries to be something he’s not. He needs to look at himself in the mirror and realize what he is. This team is built so well that he doesn’t need to be “that guy”; he just needs to be Carson Wentz.

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