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Photo Credit: Jake Elrod

Carson Wentz has primarily been one of the main talking points throughout the NFL this offseason. Not only the media but super fans and keyboard warriors alike are also talking and tweeting their opinions on Indianapolis’s new star quarterback. As soon as the Wentz trade was official, there were positive and negative reactions from people everywhere in the media and on social media. One big assumption that virtually every Philadelphia media outlet and fan said was that Wentz was indeed a “locker room cancer.”  I would be lying if I said that I did not believe those reports and tweets because I definitely did believe them at first. As a curious Colts fan, I had more questions about Wentz’s character than his skill and level of play on the field. I knew that Carson Wentz is a game-changing quarterback, and I was excited to see him join our explosive offense. I had doubts about how well Wentz would fit into the Colts culture, environment, and mindset as a team, but I think it is safe to say that Wentz has proved me wrong.

As soon as Wentz joined the Colts, he immediately started reaching out connecting with teammates on both sides of the ball. Wentz went out of his way to put in extra work with his new wide receiver core in California during the off-season. When the Colts were in talks of re-signing T.Y Hilton, Wentz made it known how excited he was to have a chance to play with a player of T.Y’s stature and skill. It seemed as time passed throughout the off-season, Wentz has made it his duty to buy into everything the Colts are striving for and do his best to connect with his new band of brothers. Carson Wentz looks like he loves his time in Indianapolis. He looks to be nothing like “the locker room cancer” that Philadelphia fans and media portrayed to mainstream media and loyal fans like you and me.

I know it is still early enough in the off-season to still have questions about Wentz’s mental strength/approach, and that is completely fine. Still, in my opinion, this rejuvenated version of Carson Wentz looks like he is ready to win for his team and have fun at the same time. The Colts have plenty of growth and improvement to achieve but do not be surprised when Carson Wentz is why the Colts are at the top. I truly think Carson’s new outlook and extreme energy will only add more positives to this team. In addition, the level of camaraderie growing among the team as every day passes is truly a sight to see. This year will be a grind and will test Carson multiple times; I know that he will be more than a capable leader for this team, and hopefully, Wentz will lead the Colts to a division title and much more!

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