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One of the biggest off-season questions was whether or not the Colts would bring back TY Hilton for another season. The draft is a few weeks away, and Hilton remains unsigned. The Colts will likely wait to decide on Hilton once the draft is over. Most of Colts Nation wants to #BringTYHome again, but I don’t feel the same way. Here’s why I think the Colts should let Hilton walk.

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Let me start by saying I love Hilton. Hilton will forever be one of my all-time favorite players to wear the Shoe. If he is brought back, I will not complain one bit. I will be grateful for him returning to the Colts to finish off his career. It would break my heart to see the number 13 put on a different uniform. I am also grateful for everything that Hilton has done on and off the field. However, I want two receivers in this upcoming draft. If I don’t receive two receivers, I would prefer the Colts to look at Julio Jones or Jarvis Landry. I believe both of those players have more to offer than Hilton. Jones has a disgusting injury history, but he’s already built chemistry with Matt Ryan that you can’t teach. Both Jones and Hilton have an injury history longer than the list of Jericho, and with the chemistry previously built with Matt Ryan, I believe Jones should be higher than Hilton on our want list.

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Hilton has done everything for the Colts. He’s been the most reliable weapon the Colts have seen since Reggie Wayne retired. There’s no argument on how much Hilton means to the Indianapolis Colts organization. But, the harsh truth is Hilton has been on a downhill spiral without Andrew Luck. I’m not one to believe the WR makes the QB or vice versa. But it’s like Luck and Hilton were Batman and Robin, and without Luck, Hilton has not been able to stay on the field long enough to impact the field. Don’t get me wrong, and I believe Hilton is irreplaceable as a locker room presence. But, how Chris Ballard talked about Hilton this past week made me think a deal is close with Hilton. It’s time to bring the Ghost back.

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Chris Ballard needs to do right by Hilton and allow him to play with the Colts until Hilton is ready to lace up the cleats. I love Hilton, and bringing back Hilton for another year doesn’t mean we can’t bring in two more receivers in the draft or free agency. However, I believe no matter what happens with Hilton, the Colts need to have a contingency plan for injuries. This means Patmon or Strachan isn’t the next man up should an injury occur. We can’t be in the same position we were in this past year. Ryan needs weapons, but he needs them on the field, not on the sideline nursing injuries.

If I’m honest, I’d rather not have Hilton back for next year. But again, I wouldn’t be disappointed if he is brought back for another year. If Hilton is not brought back for another year, Chris Ballard should be considered a hypocrite. Hilton needs to retire as a member of the Indianapolis Colts. Since day 1 of taking over as the GM of the Indianapolis Colts, Chris Ballard has said if you do your job and you play to the Colts’ standard of football on and off the field, you will be rewarded. Hilton has done everything above and beyond for the Colts. I understand he’s gotten multiple extensions, but he’s an active free agent, and he’s struggled to stay on the field, and his numbers have been on a decline. Hilton has done everything for the Indianapolis Colts organization. Now it’s our turn to repay him and allow Hilton to retire an Indianapolis Colt. #BringTYHomePTII

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