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Searching for a WR Coach


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Ever since Mike Groh left the Indianapolis Colts coaching staff to join the New York Giants, at the same position, people have been questioning who Irsay and Ballard might bring in to fill yet another coaching vacancy. Then the other day, a report said the Colts are looking to hire former wide receiver Reggie Wayne to be the next WR coach! He followed the report by tweeting, “Y’all crazy… Enjoy your weekend everybody.. #StayEncouraged ✌🏾” so that left everyone with questions on whether the report had any true fire behind it or not. I must add new assistant LB coach and former teammate of Reggie’s, Cato June, was fully supportive of Reggie joining him on the staff, replying to Wayne’s tweet with a gif.


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Frank Reich had an interview at the combine on March 1st, and when he was asked about how he would feel about bringing Reggie in as a coach. He said this,
“It would mean a lot. I’ve been talking to Reggie about possibly getting on staff for four years,” Reich said. “I mean, Reggie is a guy I have the utmost respect for. I’m just a big believer in him as a person and, as a competitor, as a winner. If we can get that all locked up, I think it will be a big deal.”

Some obvious praise for him not only as a player but what he can be as a coach and just as a person in general! Frank wanting to bring Reggie in for four years and never giving up that hope on bringing in his “perfect” person for the job shows how much he believes in him and how important this hire is to Frank. Reggie has said he believes his heart is in coaching, but he wanted to wait for the right time, and it’s starting to look like the right time is now.

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Bringing someone in like Reggie who knows the game and the organization would be huge. Developing our young receivers is one huge impact I 100% believe he would bring almost immediately. Michael Pittman Jr. just made a big leap from his rookie season to his sophomore season, and it could potentially get even better learning under the likes of Reggie Wayne. Then you have receivers like Dezmon Patmon, who has shown glimpses of what he can do, Aston Dulin, Parris Campbell, and Mike Strachan. All these receivers are 24 or younger, and under the right coaching can be a dangerous receiving core. (Also, who knows who else we might add to the WR room this off-season!). Reggie is the right man for this job, and if he is brought on to be the next WR coach, I will be expecting great things to come for our WR room!

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