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Everyone’s high off the win against the Cardinals Saturday night. I’m seeing a lot of talk for Frank Reich to win coach of the year after the win vs. the Cardinals. I’m not seeing is the talk for Chris Ballard to win executive of the year. So it’s time to start the conversation. This win has taught me three things. First, Eberflus won’t be here next year. Second, Frank Reich is a top 5 current NFL coach. Third, Chris Ballard is the best GM in all of football.

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At the beginning of the year, if I told Eberflus would be out of his job, many fans would’ve been thrilled. Rightfully so. I think we could all agree his constant schemes cost the Colts many games. Those schemes led to blown lead after blown lead. We were tired of it. Hell, even I wrote an article about how a change wouldn’t be the worst thing for the Colts. I’ll admit it I was dead wrong. We all were. Eberflus has made himself a head coaching candidate yet again. I know it’s wrong to predict who’s losing their job in the offseason, but I can say with confidence there will be many head coaching openings. Eberflus, in my opinion, makes a great case to become a head coach of some team. He’s well respected in this organization; add that it’s a no-brainer for him to be a head coach with this defense’s success. Eberflus has been brought in multiple years for a head coaching job, but nothing has ever led to a hire. I think it’s now time for a team to pull the trigger. I hope Eberflus does get a head coaching job. He will be missed if he does leave the Colts. Whoever has to replace will have some big shoes to fill. However, if he doesn’t get a head coaching job, I think it’s safe to say Coltsnation would be thrilled to have him back!

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Frank Reich is a top 5 coach in the league. Frank Reich drew up a game plan to beat the Arizona Cardinals without his entire offensive line, Darius Leonard, Rock Ya-Sin, and Zach Pascal. This win vs. the Cardinals is the most impressive win I’ve ever seen from Reich. The cards were stacked against the Colts to pull this one out. In my opinion, this season, no matter how far we go, it’s credited to Frank Reich. Let’s be honest here Frank Reich made this season possible. He went out on a limb and said, we can climb the mountain with Carson Wentz. This team started 1-4. We went from 1-4, not even thinking about playoffs to 9-6 and at the top of the wildcard. That’s Frank Reich. He’s never once not believed that this group could go all the way. The Colts are the hottest team in the NFL right now. The train is moving up the mountain. We’re getting closer and closer to where we want to go. Frank Reich has a great offensive mind, and it’s shown these past few weeks. Frank Reich deserves to win the Coach of the Year. He took a team whose fan base was worried about losing a high draft pick to having legit Super Bowl thoughts.

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Chris Ballard has handcrafted this team almost as good as Jon Watts directed Spider-Man No Way Home. Chris Reed was signed this offseason. A cheap deal for Reed, who has played at a starter level since arriving in Indianapolis. He brought back Dulin and kept him on the roster despite drafting another WR. Dulin has played exceedingly well this season. It has brought a spark on offense, not only on special teams—trading for Matt Pryor, who’s played great this year. I’ll subtract this week’s game vs the Cardinals because he played atrociously. Pryor has looked great this year, and while he struggled this game, it was a boost having him. The Colts have struggled with depth for multiple years, and this year Chris Ballard said he’s fixing the issue, and it was fixed.

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NFL Honors is coming up soon, and I think it’s safe to say like the Pro Bowl, the Colts will be represented. Chris Ballard has built this team to make a Super Bowl run, Frank Reich is the right guy to lead this team, and Eberflus has this defense cooking. The Colts are the hottest team in the league, and I don’t see an end in sight. *knocks on wood*

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