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The first day of Senior Bowl practices is officially in the books, and with it, takeaways are to be had. More specifically, we’ll take a look at 10 standouts from the first day of practice.

I have the honor to represent The Blue Stable in Mobile, AL along with our writer, Jay Robins, and we will continue to pump out Senior Bowl content throughout the week’s conclusion.

This year’s Senior Bowl class, which is comprised of underclassmen for the first time, is littered with talent. This was already an established feat for some, though for most, this week is the time to prove the doubters wrong.

Live coverages of the 2024 Senior Bowl practices can be viewed via NFL Network and NFL Plus on Tuesday-Thrusday from 9:30 am-2:00 pm CT.

From boots-on-the-ground coverage, I present 10 standouts from Day 1 of practice, 5 from each American/National team focusing on priority for the Indianapolis Colts specifically.


American Team Standouts


1. Ladd McConkey, WR, Georgia


If it wasn’t universally agreed upon beforehand, it is now: Ladd McConkey is a Sunday player. Twitchiness, rocker steps, and surefire hands.




McConkey was all-around the most polished wideout on display during Day 1 of practice. He regularly dusted opposing DBs in 1-on-1s and provided immense separation with each route. Not only was McConkey seemingly always open like that of a popular convenience store, but he didn’t record a single drop on the day en route to an unintentionally flashy performance. A second-round selection seems to be the fate for McConkey.


2. Braden Fiske, iDL, Florida St.


Speed plus power is the name of the game for Fiske. Unblockable is his middle name.




Fiske’s first practice at the Senior Bowl showed what’s already on tape and that’s a willingness, nay, a desire to run through a brick wall. Fiske checked in at 6’3.5″, 295lbs but his profile was only half of the problem for opposing offensive linemen. His quickness off the ball coupled with his fast hands creates a mismatch nightmare for interior linemen in 1-on-1 situations.


3. Ryan Flournoy, WR, Southeast Missouri


Many times throughout practice on Tuesday I heard people around me asking the same question over and over again: “Who’s number 13?” That, ladies and gentlemen, is small-school prospect Ryan Flournoy making a name for himself.



Flournoy may have just been the day’s biggest winner when you consider his pre-bowl hype as well as his small-school pedigree. Thankfully, our very own Hunter Haas and Jay Robins have been on him for quite some time now.


4. Cam Hart, CB, Notre Dame


The Fighting Irish product doesn’t wow you with otherworldly athleticism, though he is 6 foot 3 inches. What he does, however, is do the dirty work to get even with his athletically superior opponents.




Hart showed incredible display in 1-on-1s when it comes to hip-tracking ability, an invaluable trait to possess as a cornerback. This allows Hart to trail more efficiently, offering often-lost anticipation in his opponent’s breaks. Think Jaylon Jones-type but more technically sound.


5. Christian Haynes, OL, UCONN


Haynes is an interior OL that I was looking forward to seeing this week in Mobile and he immediately delivered early and often on Day 1 of practice.



Haynes is a smaller-sized offensive lineman (6’2″), however, his 313lb frame mixed with his iOL projection fits perfectly for his play style. Good hands and quick feet. Worked at Center a bit as well and there was little drop off in his confidence.


Honorable Mention: Kamren Kinchens, S, Miami


National Team Standouts


1. Quinyon Mitchell, CB, Toledo


Easily the star of the show. Could end up being CB1 in the 2024 draft class when it’s all said and done.



Mitchell quickly proved that his pre-bowl hype was no overexaggeration. If anything, Tuesday’s performance gave Mitchell the leg up on all other participating CBs in Mobile, AL. He’ll of course need to continue stacking good days throughout the week, but as long as he stays healthy, his expected big day at the NFL Combine should all but solidify him as a Top 25 draft selection.


2. Ricky Pearsall, WR, Florida


Run Ricky Run.



Ricky Pearsall proved his worth as a field stretcher on Tuesday, getting open downfield early and often. Not to mention his top-of-the-class release package against press coverage was on full display in each of the 1-on-1s he participated in. Pearsall already has an established rapport with Colts QB Anthony Richardson as the two were teammates at Florida; had a career-high 5 TDs in 2022 with AR.


3. Gabe Hall, DL, Baylor


Another addition to the borderline unblockable DL crew, Hall shined bright on Tuesday.




Hall showed the nation his pass rush prowess from a variety of spots, showcasing his versatility in a big way. A projected Day 3 selection heading into the week, a similar rest of the week could end up getting Hall draft on Day 2.


4. Roman Wilson, WR, Michigan


You would’ve thought JJ McCarthy was throwing the ball to him because Roman Wilson was a superstar on Tuesday.





Wilson showcased his effortless release package and coupled that with top-tier stem work from his routes during 1-on-1s. Wilson was creating separation all day long, regardless of who was manned up on him. It was a hard-fought battle between he and McConkey for the best overall receiver performance on Day 1.


5. Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire


Another small-school big-time riser from Tuesday was New Hampshire’s Dylan Laube.




Like Ryan Flournoy of the American Team, Laube’s stock shot up the most of his position group after Day 1. Laube is a hardworking runner with 3-down potential due to his trusty hands and willingness to get involved in pass protection. A special teamer with pass-catching prowess may be his future in the NFL, though it’s equal parts admirable and impressive that Laube is making a name for himself so early in the process.


Honorable Mention: Roger Rosengarten, OT, Washington


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