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For the first time in the last 10 Sundays, the Colts will not be playing as they’re on their bye week. No Colts Football means that fans can feel a bit lost on Sunday on what games to watch and who to root for.

Fear not Colts Nation, for as we navigate this weekend together use this article as a guide for who to cheer on.


Cardinals vs Texans


  • Who to root for: Cardinals
  • Why: to push the 5-4 Texans below the Colts in both the AFC South standings and AFC playoff race.




Jaguars vs Titans


  • Who to root for: Titans
  • Why: to reduce the Jaguars 1st place lead in the AFC South Standings from 1.5 Wins + Head to Head Tiebreakers to 0.5 Wins + Head to Head Tiebreaker




Steelers vs Browns


  • Who to root for: Browns
  • Why: Both teams are in the AFC Wild Card race at the 5 and 6 seeds currently and boasting 6-3 records with 4-2 Conference records. Either one losing will move down to be half a game behind. However as of now, Browns have the head to head tiebreaker after a controversial win over the Colts. If the Colts are able to beat the Steelers later in the year they will have a chance to leapfrog them in the playoff race. The Colts would need more to occur to leapfrog the Browns than the Steelers so the Browns winning would help make the path to the 6 or 7 seed mathematically easier.




Jets vs Bills


  • Who to root for: Jets
  • Why: Both the Jets and Bills are still in the playoff race, but like the Colts are on the outside looking in at this moment. The Bills are tied with the Colts and Raiders at 5-5 for the 9th ranked team in the AFC, while the Jets are tied with the Chargers and Broncos for 12th at 4-5. While the Colts are ahead of the Bills due to Conference record (Bills 2-5 vs AFC), another loss would help lower another playoff race member without needing tiebreakers. Decluttering the top 10 of the AFC playoff race helps the Colts.




Dolphins vs Raiders


  • Who to root for: Dolphins
  • Why: The Raiders are the other team tied with the Colts for the 9th ranking in the AFC at 5-5. A loss would move them down and help give the Colts more ground in the tight AFC playoff race.




Good Start to the Week for Indy


Bengals/Ravens — TNF


  • Who to root for: Ravens
  • Why: The Bengals are yet another team in the AFC Wild Card playoff hunt. They are the only team ahead of the Colts in the race that is on the outside looking in at 5-4. A loss knocks them down to tied with the Colts at 5-5, but they’d be behind the Colts in the Conference Record tiebreaker at 1-5.


  • Result: Ravens win big, Bengals drop to 5-5 and are now 10th in the AFC race while the Colts are currently the first team out of the playoffs/8th in seeding.



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