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I would like to start by saying I did not add any quarterbacks to this list. I feel the team can be in win-now mode. Drafting a quarterback in the early rounds doesn’t scream win now. The need at receiver, corner, and the offensive line is much greater. Now, if Willis or Pickett is available, my tone would change. I don’t believe they will be. Also, I picked the players below by running mock drafts on PFF and PFN and using the available players and players that went right before the Colts pick. With that being said, let’s get started.

This season, the Colts don’t have a first-rounder because of the Carson Wentz trade that happened last offseason. That’s not to worry, though, because this draft class is stacked with talent in multiple positions. So not having a first-rounder may not be the worst thing in the world. Here are five guys I’d like to see the colts take a look at in round 2.

1. WR George Pickens, Georgia

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Pickens is one of my favorite players in this entire draft class. In my opinion, from a talent level, Pickens is a 1st rounder. Pickens would be a first-rounder if it weren’t for the ACL tear in 2021. There are multiple deep position groups in this class, and the WR group is one of the deepest. Look, I don’t care what Chris Ballard or Frank Reich says about our WR room. It needs drastic help, and considering how good this WR class is, the Colts and Chris Ballard need to focus on this position in the draft. Pickens at pick 42, in my opinion, would be an absolute steal. At 6’3 at 195 pounds, Pickens looks like a monster on the outside. Pickens has WR1 potential, which the Colts lack. We love Pittman, but he can’t do it all by himself. Adding another long frame on the outside would be great for Pittman’s development and Ryan’s targets.

2. EDGE David Ojabo, Michigan

Do you want to talk about 1st round talent being derailed by an injury? Look no further than Mr. David Ojabo from Michigan. Before his unfortunate injury at his Pro Day, Ojabo was being mocked in the 1st round. I saw him going as earlier as 15. Chris Ballard has not shied away from drafting a player with an Achilles injury before. Dayo Odeyingbo was also a projected first-rounder before tearing his Achilles while training for his Pro Day. Ojabo is, without a doubt, a first-round talent. The Colts did draft Paye last season in the first round, along with Dayo, and just traded for Yannick Ngakoue this off-season. I believe it’s safe to say Chris Ballard has put a point of emphasis on the pass rush. Adding Ojabo in round 2 would solidify the pass rush, especially if Turay isn’t resigned. (He just visited the 49ers.) With 11 sacks, 12 tackles for loss, and five forced fumbles last year, Ojabo would be an excellent addition to the Indianapolis Colts’ pass rush. I agree there are bigger needs elsewhere, but with this type of talent available, I don’t believe we should be quick to pass on him if he’s available.

3. S Jaquan Brisker, Penn St

It’s no secret the Colts are actively looking for help in the secondary. Heavy rumors went around the Colts and Tryann Mathieu being a potential addition to the team. While he remains unsigned, each day that goes by makes it less likely that the honey badger will not be a Colt. Ultimately means the Colts should be looking to the draft to add a safety to the secondary. Brisker has the size you want from an NFL safety. In addition, Brisker has the versatility to play all over the secondary for the Colts and new defensive coordinator Gus Bradley. I believe Brisker can have a day one impact and be a day one starter for the Colts.

4. CB Kyler Gordon, Washington

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After trading away, Rock Ya-Sin corner instantly became a position of need for the Colts. While the Colts did add Brandon Facyson in the off-season, I still believe they need to add more. Have you seen the players the Colts are going to face this year? Adams, AJ Brown, Mike Williams, Jettas, Scary Terry, and many more elite-level receivers. Corners are an absolute need. Kyler Gordon could be the solution on the outside. I believe Gordon could be a day one starter on the outside. Gordon was in a unique position in college as he was targeted more than usual. Not because he was a bad player, but because future first-rounder Trent McDuffie was on the opposite side of the ball. The thing that sets Gordon apart from other corners in this draft is his athleticism and strength. Gordon is a physical corner that will translate to the next level.

5. Team Trade Back

I am 100% team trade back, although I really do like the players I listed above. I feel if Chris Ballard can add more draft capital this year and possibly next year, that’s the move. This class is incredibly deep with a lot of talent—players like Abraham Lucas, Troy Anderson, Jalen Tolbert, and the impressive top 2 TEs. There are a ton of players we can get if we can move back a few spots and add more capital later on.

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