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Regardless if it’s by franchise tag or contract extension, Michael Pittman Jr. will remain an Indianapolis Colt for the 2024 season at the least.


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After years of uncertainty at the QB position, WR Michael Pittman Jr. is for the first time in his career set to return to Indianapolis with the same starting QB that began the season prior.

Following his scheduled press conference at around 1:30 PM EST, Colts General Manager Chris Ballard met with the local Colts media privately for around 25 more minutes of discussion.


In the press conference, Ballard said that he hopes to extend Pittman Jr. by the franchise tag deadline on Tuesday, March 5th. He strategically mentioned that the tag is a ‘tool’ as he refrained from saying whether or not they’d use it. By the time the aforementioned meeting with the local media began, Ballard was ready to spill the beans:



Michael Pittman Jr. will remain a member of the Indianapolis Colts in 2024.


The franchise tag is a tool that the Indianapolis Colts traditionally leave out of their toolbox when heading off for work on an annual basis. The tool itself has not been used in Indianapolis in an entire decade, last in 2013 when former Punter Pat McAfee was brought back via the tag.


It’s not the ideal what-if scenario for Pittman Jr. given he would prefer to be extended as opposed to rented for a lone season. The tag would allow him to make top-tier money but deter him from ideal financial comfort moving forward. The good news for both Colts fans and Pittman Jr. is that no decision has been made as of yet.


The Colts’ willingness to bring back Pittman Jr., even if it’s by way of a franchise tag, shows just how much he means to the organization from both a person and player standpoint. Neither of them particularly wants the franchise tag, but the push to get this done proves mutual interest is as evident as can be, it’s just a matter of dollar signs.

The team that Michael Pittman Jr. employs in 2025 remains to be determined. And although it’s yet to be decided how exactly he will stay, one thing is certain and that is Pittman Jr. donning the Colts horseshoe in 2024.


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