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In the last film review on Cole Turner, we discussed the need for a “Move” Tight End in the Colts offense and looked at some of his clips from the Boise State game last season. In this film review, we will look at some plays he made against Fresno State last season, and I hope you’re prepared because this is the best game of his Collegiate career. When watching this film, there honestly weren’t many negative takeaways, and I think you’re going to enjoy this one as much as I did!

All Videos via Youtube from The Dynasty Interview Fantasy Football Podcast


Starting this film review off with a bang, Cole Turner is lined up out wide or flexed out to be a Wide Receiver on this play in the RedZone. He does a great job of getting himself in position to make a play on the ball against a smaller defensive back here and does a fantastic job of high pointing the football and coming down with it. This was a very athletic play by Cole Turner and a great throw in the RedZone by QB Carson Strong, resulting in a touchdown to cut the deficit to 4.


With under a minute to go in the 4th Quarter, the Nevada Wolfpack are down 8 and are at their own 10-yard line, so they have to go 90 yards down the field to score. On the first play of the drive, Cole Turner makes a huge play. Do you want to guess where he’s lined up again? If you guessed out wide, you are correct! Cole Turner runs a good route and comes back to Carson Strong and then makes a great catch with his hands for a 21 yard gain. He also displayed great situational awareness on this play by tossing the ball to the ref so that Nevada could run another play quickly.


On the next play, Cole Turner is lined up out wide again, and he makes a big play to pick up 12 yards and a first down and runs out of bounds. I like how he again puts his body in position to make a great contested catch and uses his hands to move the ball away from the defender. Also, he runs out of bounds which he didn’t have to do at the College level on a first down, but he will have to do in the pros to stop the clock. It is the little things that Cole Turner does that impress me the most on this drive.


Before I start analyzing this play, I want to give context. On the previous play, it was 2nd & 10 at the same spot, and Cole Turner was the intended target of what was ultimately an incomplete pass. It was now 3rd & 10 with 8 seconds left in the game, and the Wolfpack were down 8. Cole Turner lines up out wide as part of a bunch formation, and what does he do? He runs a beautiful route into the endzone, and Carson Strong delivers a strike into the endzone. Touchdown. They are now only down 2 because of a beautiful ball thrown by Carson Strong and a perfectly executed route and catch by Cole Turner. In the greatest moments of the game, when the lights were on, Cole Turner shined and displayed why he’s such a great flex TE prospect.


In the next article, we will be looking at Cole Turner’s film from the UNLV game last season. For more Colts Content, you can follow me @TheZschankISN on Twitter and @IndySportsNow on Twitter. Also, make sure to listen to the latest episode from The Blue Stable Podcast with Destin and Mike with guest Kent Lee Platte who created the renowned Relative Athletic Score metric, and stay tuned for more articles from the great writers at The Blue Stable. If you’ve made it this far, I want to thank you for reading and for your support!


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