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We have Colts football this week! The colts play an actual football game on Sunday. Sure it’s a meaningless preseason game, but I’m still excited to see the team play against someone other than themselves. Now I could go in-depth and give keys to victory, but that’s not what this article is. The return of football means the return of DFS (daily fantasy sports) and, more importantly, gambling. And I am going to give out my best picks for this preseason matchup vs. the Carolina Panthers. Tail me if you want and if not, come back and check out to see how I did.

In addition to this article, I do not condone underage or illegal gambling. I know Colts fans are worldwide, but if you are residing in the great state of Indiana, it is completely legal, and there are tons of sportsbooks to get you started. Such as, FanDuel, Draftkings, and many more. Many of these sites have excellent signup options; be sure to take a look at those and see which one fits you best.  If you yourself or know anyone with a gambling problem, please exit this article and seek help. For help, please call the National Problem Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700.

First off, let’s take a look at the current odds slated for this matchup. FanDuel Sportsbook has the line currently at -1.5 in favor of our Colts and a -120 favorite with the over set at 34.5. For those who aren’t familiar with spreads or gambling, stay with me, and I will explain it all. If you bet the money line at -120 to make 100$, you would need to risk 120$. If you want something maybe a little safer, I suggest the spread at -1.5. Meaning the Colts need to win by more than 2 points to win this bet. And if you want to bet the game total over or under, it’s simply just 34.5. If you take the over, the total number of points scored by each team needs to surpass 35 points. Alright, let’s get down to my favorite bets.

The Colts are no stranger to Philip Walker and what he can do, especially in the preseason. We’ve seen first hand that Walker plays like postseason Tom Brady when Walker is in the preseason. But with that said, lucky for the Colts, he’s in a battle for that number 2 spot with Will Grier. He may not see much playtime just yet, and if he does, it’ll be split. We also see the first legit snaps of Jacob Eason and Sam Ehlinger. This is a new format for the preseason featuring three games instead of 4. So we don’t know the game will play out with the starters, second string, and so on. A lot of question marks remain on who’s going to play and for how long. And that goes for both teams. This colts offensive line is severely hurting, and even against backups, I still think they’ll struggle a lot. If that offensive line is struggling, we’re not going to get a good look at any quarterback, let alone our offense.

Look, I’m not saying to bet the farm on a preseason game, but if you are that person, I’d like to buy you a drink. That’s real degenerate stuff right there, and I’m here for it. Betting on this preseason can be scary because it’s a new format. Nobody can honestly say that Darnold will get two quarters, Grier half a quarter, etc.; it’s very up in the air. Proceed with caution when betting on Sunday’s preseason opener.

Anyways the best bets for this game would be as followed.

The “Perez lock of the weekColts v Panthers under 34.5.

Other bets I’m playing are:

Colts -1.5

Colts ML -120

Parlay Colts -1.5 and under 34.5

I promise you I’m not biased. If my word isn’t enough for you to believe me, maybe this will change your mind. Week 1 vs. the Seahawks currently is an absolute lock if I’ve seen one. Seattle -3 is the lock of week 1. I promise you all I’m not being biased at all. Look for the under the be the best bet. Grier has struggled a lot since entering the league, and the colts have a banged-up offensive line. I expect a low-scoring game all the way.

It’s the preseason nobody cares, but it’s football. And if you want to get a little extra juice on the game, head to a legal state where gambling is legal and place a bet on the Colts preseason opener. Have a few cold ones and let’s win some money together.

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