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The Blue Stable Team

Welcome to The Blue Stable! Colts Content made by Colts Fans for Colts Fans. From articles to podcasts the entrainment never ends.

Established April of 2021

The Horses In The Stable

Michael Pevia

Co-Owner, COO

My Name is Michael Pevia. I live in the great State of Texas and I’ve been a Colts fan for 14 years. You might be asking how am I a Colts fan instead of a Cowboys fan. I just fell in love with The Colts from day 1. Andrew Luck made me fall in love with the game of football so much I started talking football everyday of my life. I made a habit to talk sports with my family and friends and I knew it was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I started my own podcast called “The UnderDogSports Podcast” that focused on my 3 favorite teams: 1, Indianapolis Colts. 2, TCU Horned Frogs. 3, The Dallas Mavericks.

I have learned so much about the game of football and I want to continue to learn. I was in charge of another Colts Podcast for a network I will be forever grateful for giving me my first platform to voice my Colts centered opinion. I met amazing people along the way and we even decide to create The Blue Stable. I am very proud of the work we have created this far but I couldn’t be here if not for my Mom and Dad who have given me so much advice and led me down a great path. I am very happy to welcome you all to The Blue Stable and I can’t wait to meet all of you!


Co-Owner, Visual Content Coordinator

When it comes to Rumor Mill, Latest Colts Players Tweets, Interviews, Dancing videos or maybe even Vlogs, ColtureShock is where u want to be. Love the colts just like the rest of the crew. My mission is to interact with as many colts fans as possible. Also one day hope someone can be inspired and start the grind of making content themselves. If you told me this was gonna happen 3 years ago I will call you crazy. Blessed to be with this crew that all are on the same agenda. Go Colts!

Luke Verkamp

Co-Owner, CWO

Hi! My name is Luke Verkamp and I am the Chief Website Officer for The Blue Stable.
I was born and raised in Southern Indiana with a deep love for Peyton Manning and the Colts. I graduated from Purdue Polytechnic New Albany and now currently work as a Graphics Designer with Winkler Inc. and have created my own business, Verkamp Designs.
I have developed a deep love for the Colts during my life and I am so glad to have this opportunity to help all of you get that Colts content you want!

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